According to our favorite baby boomers, millennials are destroying everything precious in the world. In all honesty, did we even need these things to survive from the beginning?

1. Home-ownership

I can barely afford the apartment I'm living in just like thousands of twenty-somethings out there. I'm already in debt because of my student loans. How am I supposed to buy a house? I'll just wait until I'm married... but apparently, we're killing marriage too.

2. Marriage

That's right. We're killing marriage. It's important for me to finish the things I've committed to before picking up a new task. How's that hobby you started a month ago, but ended up getting distracted by at least three more hobbies? Yeah, let me finish my schooling, get a decent job, and settle down a little bit before I mix up my whole life.

3. Chain restaurants

Who wants greasy food anyways? Give me something homegrown and local. I don't want any of your deep-fried wings no matter how good they are.

4. Cable TV

Why do I need it when I have Netflix and Hulu? Not to mention those are only two on demand sites for TV shows and movies. I could honestly even ditch those for a sketchy website that has terrible quality and will give me a virus all for free.

5. Vacations

I'm too busy watching my cable in my brand new house with my spouse after getting home from dinner at our favorite chain restaurant to go on vacation.

6. Napkins

That's what reusable towels are for. Or, you could just, I don't know... wash your hands?

7. Lunch

It's all about brunch now. I don't have time to wake up early in the morning to get breakfast only to eat a few hours later. I'll let my body wake up first and figure out when it's hungry, which is neither during breakfast or lunch.

8. Fabric Softener

It's only purpose is to make my clothes soft. There are hundreds of DIY fabric softener recipes out there on the internet, and trust me, they work. I'm not gonna waste my money on something when I can make it and reuse it for cheaper.

9. Beer

We like wine and weed, what can I say.