1. High School Football Games

Nothing says Texas more than the Friday night lights of high school football, complete with drill team, cheerleaders, a marching band and a loud student section. These games are some of the greatest things you will ever experience, especially rivalry games.

2. Tex-Mex

The holy grail in all things Texas. Tex-Mex is the food any Texan will run to given the chance, it is also the thing we miss the most when we leave Texas. Give me some enchiladas and queso, and I'm happy, not to mention unlimited amounts of free chips and salsa.

3. Whataburger

Although Whataburger can be found in other states, you won't find anyone more obsessed with the fast food chain than a Texan. Whether it's their honey butter chicken biscuits or collecting the plastic numbers, all of Texas loves Whataburger.

4. Schlitterbahn

The be-all end-all of waterparks. Located all around the great state of Texas, you can find the best of the best water slides, including the famous MasterBlaster at the original park in New Braunfels, Texas.

5. Homecoming

Homecoming in Texas isn't just a dance, it's a week-long event full of festivities including theme spirit days, pep rallies and obnoxiously large homecoming mums that jingle as you walk down the hallway. PSA: stop putting bells on your mum!

6. Professional Sports

Houston is home to some of the most popular sports teams in the nation. The Rockets always make Houston proud leaving everything on the court. The Texans are hard not to love when they have a player like J.J Watt. The Astros haven't had the best time the past few years, but this year, they are on top of things. The Houston Dynamo has taken everyone by storm making soccer more popular than ever in the Lone Star State. Dallas has the Mavericks owned by famous Shark Mark Cuban and also the world-famous Dallas Cowboys NFL team. Let's not forget the San Antonio Spurs who swept the 2014 NBA season bring home the championship trophy.