Six Reasons to Rewatch "Friday Night Lights"
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Six Reasons to Rewatch "Friday Night Lights"

Or watch it for the first time!

Six Reasons to Rewatch "Friday Night Lights"

"Friday Night Lights" began its five season run in 2010, and quickly became a favorite among its devoted viewers. Centered around a high school football team, it explores the lives of small town teenagers.

The show focuses on Coach Eric Taylor as he begins his first season as head coach of the famed Dillon Panthers. It also takes a look at the lives of his family and his players, both on and off the field. The following list is reasons why you should re-watch (or watch for the first time!) this emotional roller coaster of a TV show.

  1. It gives you all of the feels. From the first episode, "Friday Night Lights" proves it's about more than just football. It follows teenagers trying to deal with life changing injuries, the pressures of living up to other's expectations, going to school, and navigating relationships. Tears are a given when seeing Matt Saracen take care of this grandmother, or watching Jason Street adjusting to life in a wheelchair. Watching the last Hail Mary pass thrown in the third quarter is enough to give a person a heart attack. Within one episode you will go from happy to sad to excited to feeling chills when Smash Williams catches that final touchdown pass.
  2. Tim Riggins. Why, hello gorgeous. Riggins may be the most attractive football player to ever grace the Panther field. Between the long hair and tortured look in his eyes, he is enough to leave every rally girl swooning. Tim channels his anger caused by absentee parents and never really having someone to lean on by being an aggressive player on the field. Even if he is hungover, he always goes the mile to prove himself to Coach Taylor and the people he cares about.
  3. Amazing life advice from Coach Eric and his wife Tami. Coach is never shy to deal out serious life advice to his players, and Mrs. Taylor takes care of the rest of the school as the guidance counselor. This dynamic duo has helped their students get in to college, deal with difficult family situations, and care for them when no one else did. Without these two, the teenagers of Dillion, Texas, would most likely be dropouts. Their life lessons may sometimes seem to be about football or just going to class, but they always include a deeper and relatable meaning.
  4. Grandma Saracen. Not only does Matt Saracen have to deal with pressures of being first string quarterback, but he also takes care of his grandmother with dementia. Watching him struggle to help her and see her being sick often brings tears to a viewer's eyes. Yet, she is also one of the show's best characters. She rejoices in Coach Taylor believing in Matt and be a father figure. She also supports Matt at every game, and the joy he brings her is a wonderful thing to watch (even if it is just acting). Between ordering sparkly tiaras and eating butter cream cookies, Grandma Saracen serves up both sass and support for Matt.
  5. The character and plot development. The first season of "Friday Night Lights" to the final and fifth season are drastically different. We see Coach Taylor change teams, the Dillon Panthers split into teams and schools, and the original cast grow beyond their initial characters. Watching it reminds one of the problems they faced during that time period, and that things were never as bad as they seemed. It also reminds you how trivial things were sometimes life changing moments. As the characters evolve and the plot continues to develop, so does the viewer.
  6. Clear eyes, full hearts, can lose. The catchphrase of the Dillon Panthers has commonly been used by people in everyday life. Even if you've never watched the show, you have heard this inspirational phrase. For those who have watched, its enough to send chills down your spine. It reminds you to focus on the task at hand, fully engage yourself and do your best, and nothing can defeat you. Even if you lose the game, or don't accomplish what you wished, you still that you gave all that you could.

Well, what are you waiting for? All five seasons are streaming on Netflix right now. Grab some tissues, a snack, and press play.

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