I was raised by an older parent who raised me like it was still 1975 (love you, Ma). Needless to say, I am the definition of old skool. I am known as the grandma amongst my friends. Mainly because I get little to none of the newer terminologies and if I do I sound like somebodies wanna be cool auntie saying it. I don't really have a problem with not fitting completely in with my generation. I always enjoyed the concept of being different and unique.

However, being single is a whole nother ball game. In this generation many people meet from parties are hanging out and as someone who does not feel comfortable in these situations, I don't really have many opportunities to meet a potential partner. Not to mention, I am very much so a bookworm and nerdy so I live in the library or my room, not really ideal for finding a partner. Unless you encounter someone so bold to walk up and say "Hi."

So, when it comes to getting wedding invites to high school classes, weddings and seeing them have kids, it does get a little difficult as I am still single nancy over here.


Some may say, "Well if it bothers you so much, why not take that risk, go out and try." I would say absolutely not, my momma told me to stand firm in what I believe in even if I changed my mind. Lol... Just kidding, I have tried going out but then there's that awkward hump to get comfortable. Everyone knows the latest dances and things and my favorite dance is still the wobble. I can imagine some people asking what is the wobble.

OK, maybe a little too old skool. My point is for those who are like me and don't feel like they necessarily "fit in" with this generation, dare to try. Just go out. It's gonna be uncomfortable as hell but it'll be worth it. If nothing you can add another experience to your bucket list. You never know what could come from it. Best part you can always run back home to a good book that story will be there when you get back.


But you know what it is also OK to be single. I have been for a while now and it's honestly the best, for me at least. Yes sure, it gets lonely every now and then especially with the holidays around the corner. However, I have always believed that one needs to spend some time with themselves and learn themselves before hopping into something with someone else. You wanna be able to have a happy and healthy relationship. I genuinely don't believe that can happen if you do not love and know yourself first.


Promise, that person will be there when they should be. In the meantime enjoy this alone time, love yourself. In the meantime, I'm right here with you.