8 Signs To Watch For If You're Interested In A Guy

These are all signs to steer clear of when trying to find the right guy for you! I promise you, it won't get you very far besides pretty much heartbroken when you start to fall for them then they turn out too be the exact same way they said they would never be!

1.If they come to you first and are very assertive:

Look out, he's only looking for one thing!

2. Watch out for the way they carry themselves:

  1. Because 9/10 times it shows what he's trying to get out of them...whether it be a relationship or just to mess with your head!

3. If they only snap you at night:

If they only snapchat you at night, that means they aren't actually into you, they only want to know what you got..

4. If they keep having to remind you they aren't talking to other girls: 

They are usually talking to multiple girls, and they are only telling you they aren't to make themselves feel better and like less of a jerk!

5. If they wear sweatpants with them tucked into their socks:

If they walk around with their sweatpants tucked into their socks, I can bet you mommy and daddy still pay for everything so they don't actually care about anything..including you!

6. Steer clear of THE hair cut:

and by THE hair cut I mean the one that is short on the sides and longer on the top with the razor line on the side...don't @ me if you have this hair cut..

7. THE chin strap

Don't get me wrong it's sexy as heck, but 9/10 times the strap is a trap! No it's not always the case, but sometimes!

8. Im not like other guys:

If he hits you with the I'm not like other guys...you should definitely just stop talking to him right then and there because he is most definitely like the other guys!

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