How To Tell Your Relationship is Officially Long Term
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9 Signs Your Relationship is Officially Long Term

The butterflies may be gone, but happiness comes with companionship.

9 Signs Your Relationship is Officially Long Term

At some point, the butterflies stop bumbling. You stop answering their texts immediately. The anxiety is gone and happy companionship takes its place. Here are ten signs that you and your significant other are past the honeymoon phase and are securely long term.

1. You enjoy staying in and cooking dinner together

2. A date is a trip to the grocery store

Because really, what sets the mood like finding a sale for your favorite type of ice cream.

3. You can't imagine life before them

Those hugs have always been in your life, right? Of course, you remember life before them, but do you really want to?

4. You make sure the other one has eaten today.

Class, work, and life is hard, and you gotta make sure they're taking care of themselves. Plus, this is a perfect way to lead them into buying food for you. Just saying.

5. You argue about doing the dishes because you both don't want the other to do them

Chores are evil, but they are more evil when your person is doing them while you're doing nothing. The immense guilt is like no other, so you'll do anything to avoid it.

6. You both end up doing the dishes

Not only do they get done twice as fast, but it's also a chance to spray them with water. Which is always fun.

7. You have your favorite TV show that you must watch whenever it's on. But only together.

And don't you dare watch without them because that is an act of betrayal worse than getting food without them.

8. Sleeping without them is almost impossible

How can I fall asleep without him kicking me and elbowing me in the side every couple of minutes? It's like a horrible boat ride that I never want to get off.

9. Your love is adorable and makes other people smile

Your happiness makes other people happy, it makes me happy, and I am so glad you and your person are together.

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