This morning, I threw on my backpack, packed my meals, grabbed my gym bag, and drank my pre-workout drink. I trekked down to the garage to start my car so that I could get in a quick workout at the gym and afterward embark on the 90-minute commute to work. I hurriedly pressed my foot to the brake and touched the "Start" button on the dashboard to find my car battery dead as a doornail. My car won't start. My roommate isn't home. My family isn't near to help. My only option was to go back upstairs and call a towing company to jump my car for me. Negative thoughts instantly began to flood my mind: I won't have time to train. I won't make it to work on time. How could this happen? This is going to completely ruin my day.

For a few minutes, I panicked and scrambled around trying to find a solution to keep my day on schedule. When you're someone with a strong Type A personality, these types of occurrences can take a big toll on your mind. But sometimes, things happen that are out of your control. I took a deep breath, a big step back, and made the conscious decision to change my attitude and mindset on the situation. Next time something goes wrong in your life, here's what you should do:

There's simply no need to sweat the small stuff. Whatever's happening, it's not the end of all ends. It's going to be okay. The world is going to keep turning, and time is going to keep ticking. Any stress or anxiety you're feeling will fade as the clock continues to turn and things pass. Your worries are temporary and the small and conspicuous burdens (even though they might feel monumental at the moment) will work themselves out.

Try to keep perspective about your situation. Is whatever that is happening going to matter five days from now? If not, don't stress about it for more than five minutes. Instead of losing your mind over the things that are going wrong, focus on the things going right. Your car doesn't start like mine? Hey, at least we have cars. You're late to work, too? At least we have jobs.

When things go wrong, it can only ruin your day if you let it. Yes, when things that are out of your control throw a major wrench in your schedule, it's a huge inconvenience. Sometimes it just straight up sucks. But if you let those small inconveniences dictate how the rest of your day or week goes, you're the only person making yourself miserable. Dig yourself out of the ditch, make the choice to put a smile on your face, and continue on with your day as best you can. Take things as they come, and find acceptance in your less-than-perfect situation.

Next time something doesn't go as planned, take a step back and clear your mind from the stress and anxiety you initially feel. Think logically and make a game plan on how you'll move forward for the rest of the day. Contact the people you need to contact, reschedule what needs rescheduling, and pick yourself up. Stay moving and stay positive. It's just a bump in the road. It might be stormy now, but it can't rain forever.