10 Negative Situations Turned Positive

10 Negative Situations Turned Positive

Find the good in every day

We all know that life is stressful. As a teenager, as a college student, and especially as an adult, countless issues arise every day. It can get overwhelming to try to step back from the task at hand and realize all there is to do. Instead of being intimidated by that fact, try and find the positive in it. Here are 10 positives within the negatives to balance out the bad vibes.

1. Your alarm went off

Okay yeah, Apple apparently has no idea how to find alarm sounds that don’t make you want to throw your phone across the room in the morning, but think about how far technology has come. You can figure out the weather, the news, the activities of your loved ones and so much more without even moving from your warm bed. These advancements make life so much easier and as a result, that pesky alarm isn’t so bad. In fact, I bet you’d prefer your favorite song to the classic ringing of an analog clock.

2. The weather sucks

So it’s a little chilly out. Or it’s raining...again. Here is the perfect opportunity to update or improve your wardrobe. Purchase a pair of fun rain boots to spice up the cloudy day, or look into a big scarf to keep you cozy on those unseasonably cold days. Rain boots weren’t even invented until the 19th century, so be thankful your feet aren’t wet and freezing like those guys.

3. You’re feeling a cold come on

Thank Hippocrates. Illness can stink but it has never been easier to conquer it. The human immune system has never been stronger (thanks genes!) and there are countless topical, oral, and inhalational methods by which to feel better. So if you’re getting sniffly, drink some tea or swallow a pill or rub some Vick’s on your chest and be grateful that the plague is said and done with.

4. Someone took the last donut

Alright, I understand the disappointment. Who was raised to leave an empty box on the counter? Also everyone knows you ask to split before you make off with the last of anything. Sometimes the best part of work is that free coffee cake in the break room. That right there is the problem. Instead of focusing your disappointment on the lack of junk food at work, try and find another positive. Since you missed the donuts, buy the box tomorrow and grab yourself the first one. Or treat yourself on the way home to a McDonald’s ice cream cone. After all, it is only $1.

5. You're stuck in traffic

The worst part of traffic is the unavoidable inconvenience of it. Take this time to find your own beach of sorts. Relax and enjoy the me-time. Life is hectic and the commute to work can be made more hectic by a bumper-to-bumper situation, but realizing there is is nothing you can do can create a sense of peace. Listen to an audiobook, tune into a radio show you never get to hear, or do something you would have never had time to do on the commute initially.

6. You thought it was Friday...it’s Wednesday

Who doesn’t love that Friday feeling? We all countdown to the weekend, with or without plans. There is nothing worse than realizing halfway through the day that it is not, in fact, Friday. However, treat that random weekday as a Friday! Watch a movie after work or take yourself to dinner. Looking forward to certain days makes the other days pale in comparison, and it shouldn’t be that way. Try and find something fun in each day, and don’t put all the pressure on poor Friday.

7. Your favorite item of clothing is dirty

You’re running late and cannot find that blue top anywhere. You search all over, dreading what you know to be true: it’s dirty. Instead of making yourself later than you already are or throwing a tantrum about how unfair life is (it’s really your fault you didn’t wash it sooner), find a new outfit. Break out the risky blouse you bought on a whim and have been hiding in the back of your closet. Or try and reinvent an old favorite with a different jacket or pair of jeans instead of the usual leggings. You’ve already been photographed in that blue top one time too many, and there are only so many scarves you can disguise it with. Try something new!

8. Everyone you follow on Instagram has a better life than you

Alright, everyone knows that social media is not real! Everyone can look like Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds with a little filtering and a witty caption. Scrolling through social media all day every day will do wonders for your self esteem, and in the worst possible way. It really isn’t such a bad idea to unplug for a bit, or realize that what is posted is the 7th try at a decent picture. Unfollow toxic people (it really is that easy) or try and understand that social media represents the highlight reel, not the behind the scenes.

9. You failed an exam

There is nothing worse than studying your butt off and realizing you absorbed next to nothing. Actually, there’s one thing worse and that’s thinking you aced the test and finding out later that you didn’t. Here’s the thing: grades don’t define you. So yeah, failing an exam may cause you to have to work a little harder in the class and possibly reevaluate your studying methods, but that failure is not set in stone. Try and figure out why you failed, ask for extra help or extra credit and whatever you do, don’t give up. This bad grade is just a speed bump, but it could become a roadblock if you really let it get to you.

10. General expectations weren’t met

How many times has someone told you not to get your hopes up? That phrase kind of has the opposite effect doesn’t it? It’s always good to have dreams but sometimes, what we hope for isn’t what we planned on. Unfortunately, this is a universal truth of life and it can be a tough one to accept. Maybe your plan for a vacation goes completely wrong. Or you think your new boss is a jerk. There will always be people who you don’t get along with or obstacles that may seem too tall to climb. The easiest way to get over this is to realize it’s unavoidable. There will always be something to put you in a bad mood, and instead of counting down to the Fridays, savor every day or at least one thing in each day. Spending your whole life looking forward to the next thing will make for a long and boring existence. Your grand expectations will never be met if you think this way, so instead of looking for good days, find the good in every day.
Cover Image Credit: Margaret Geist

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Cover Image Credit: Erin Kron

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Self-Care In College Should Mean More Than Retail Therapy

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It seems to be that point in the year where people start getting run down... college students especially. It's either almost your spring break or you're just coming back for your vacation. The work is piling up, and you're searching for the light at the end of the tunnel. This is when it's most important to take time for yourself and give your mind a rest.

School is obviously important, and maintaining good grades is too, but so are you! Your grades aren't everything; your mental health is. Remembering to give yourself a chance to relax makes a world of difference. Sometimes we get so absorbed in things that we forget to take a step back. Remembering to practice self-care will help your energy and productivity levels stay much higher than when you work yourself down to the bone and then try to build yourself back up.

Self-care doesn't need to be buying yourself something, which seems to be a misconception in our world nowadays. It can be as simple as allowing yourself a chance to sleep in instead of getting up early to go to the library. It can also just be giving yourself a study break to go cook yourself a meal and watch a few episodes of your current Netflix obsession. It doesn't need to be too much time where you become more stressed afterward. It should just be something that gives you a little bit of time to clear your mind.

This sounds so simple and easy, but many times people forget to do it. I'm not perfect at keeping up with my self-care, but when I try a little harder to plan out little breaks, I find that I work harder in those shorter time periods so the break is deserved. I also notice that once I spend some time relaxing, it's easier for me to come back and work once I've relieved a bit of stress and given myself a little reboot.

Not only is taking time for yourself important for your mind, but it's also good for your body. When you aren't sleeping as well or eating well, your body becomes run down and it's easier to get sick. This is so common around midterms and finals week for college students, and I see it happen so often. Long hours in the library during the day with no real food, staying up through the night to cram...this affects the body and the mind. People forget you need good sleep and food to fuel your body, and when your body isn't getting that, it will show.

School is stressful, and I will not downplay that at all. But it's manageable if you really try. Whether you take a walk around just to get some air or give yourself an hour to just lie down and rest, it'll pay off. Your body and mind will both thank you.

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