Sexual Objectification, Existentialism And Grindr?

Sexual Objectification, Existentialism And Grindr?

What Grindr taught me about objectification and entitlement in American society.

This story begins with, what else, Grindr. For the uninitiated it's basically Tinder for men who are attracted to other men. But the biggest difference is that, to quote Ben Kenobi from "Star Wars", Grindr is a "hive of scum and villainy." I don't mind the people who just want to have a good time because responsible sex or dating, in general, is perfectly fine, but it's those people that ruin it that really get me riled up. It's those kids who talk constantly during the movie, the people at Starbucks who feel the need to order something that takes 20 minutes to make, that vocal minority that destroys the experience for the rest of us. Those people on Grindr are the men who feel entitled to have sex with you. For the longest time I didn't know why an unsolicited nude pic enraged me or a guy randomly sending me his address made me uncomfortable. I realized the problem was they didn't bother to find out what I wanted and what my needs were. They wanted sex and they didn't stop to think that I didn't. To them, I was nothing more than an object for their pleasure because they felt entitled to my body.

A quintessential example would be one man who messaged me simply saying, "I want you ur cute." Putting aside the lack of proper grammar, I couldn't figure out why the statement bothered me. After all he was complimenting me, so I should be grateful right? I discovered that it was because he, in a sense, denied me my right to choose. You may be saying, "It was just a benign message," but language is performative. Our words often display, and reinforce, our internal ideologies. Saying, "I'm sorry," is different than saying, "It was an accident." Both have similar meanings, but one accepts personal responsibility and the other defers it. He didn't ask if I wanted him. He could've asked, "Hey I think you're cute, want to hook up?" However, all that mattered was that he wanted me. He then, obliviously, proceeded to send me pictures of his penis. I didn't want to see his penis, but he didn't give me much choice in the matter. According to existential philosopher Jean Paul Sartre, it is considered "bad faith" and the greatest evil to deny someone the inherit right of choice. Ain't nobody gonna deny me of my right to freedom and question my Jean Paul, so naturally, I proceeded to tell him how inappropriate it was for him to send me pictures without my consent and he can't just "want" me like some toy. He then called me an as*****. I thought it was somehow me being irrational and too sensitive, but in reality, he needed to reassert his dominance because I toppled his self-important sense of control.

I hope this sounds fairly similar to how some straight men treat women. To feel entitled to woman's body and attention, to treat them as less than human, and to then blame the woman for his actions because she "dressed too provocatively" or because she "was asking for it." This is the kind of thinking that perpetuates rape culture and victim blaming. I just get called some mildly offensive names through a phone, but for a lot of people, most often women, it becomes a serious problem of sexual violence or harassment. These people feel awful because our society has taught them to hold themselves responsible, that they deserve it. The more we understand that sex and intimacy is a privilege, not a right, the more of a chance we stand against the cycle of sexual violence and harassment.

Cover Image Credit: Dymtro Honchavrov

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10 Reasons Why 'Resident Evil 4' Is A Complete Classic

The bromance between Leon and Luis.

Anyone that knows me knows that "Resident Evil 4" is my favorite video game of all time. I remember being 12 years old watching my older brother play the game, and later on, picking up the controller to experience it for myself.

And I have been in love ever since.

Aside from its well deserved critical acclaim, the amazing voice acting and its unique storyline, here are a few reasons why "Resident Evil 4" holds such a dear place in my heart.

1. The bromance between Leon and Luis between then until "death do us part.

Luis Sera is the true definition of "deserved better." He makes his first and only appearance in the Resident Evil series as he befriends Leon and manages to help him by getting a growth suppressant for the Las Plagas parasite.

I was indeed sad to see him go, but something in me denies that he's dead and that maybe one day he'll reappear in a future game. Pffft. Let me dream.

2. Leon's Character Development

In "Resident Evil 4," we notice a huge growth in Leon. Aside from transitioning from a small town police officer to a government agent, we notice a huge improvement in his fighting skills.

Also, while he still manages to carry his sense of justice and duty, he loses the whole "I'm the boss and everyone should listen to me" attitude that he had in "Resident Evil 2." Here, we see him as more mature and grounded.

3. The Chainsaw Guy (Dr. Salvador)

The first time I ever played this game, Dr. Salvador sneak attacked me (in other words, decapitated me with his chainsaw) and I was completely mortified. Of course, all you gotta do is hear the rev of his chainsaw to know he's ready for some decapitation action. It's moments like that where you thank God for the shotgun.

4. Those creepy Regenerators that scared the bejesus out of all of us.

Its weird breathing noises, eerie appearance and the fact that it freakin' regenerates are the things that made this character iconic.

5. The reunion between Leon Kennedy and Ada Wong

Leon and Ada kinda had a thing in "Resident Evil 2." While it is near impossible for them to actually be together because of their jobs, it was nice to see them reunite for just a little while.

6. The Merchant

Ah, yes. The friendly Ganado that you sell items to and buy weapons from. Greeting you with a warm "Got some good things on sale, stranger!" it would be hard for one to forget his voice and other famous sayings such as "Wadd'ya buyin'?"

7. It is the first game in the series to have a third-person, over the shoulder view.

This is honestly pretty handy compared to the awkward fixed camera angles in the earlier games. Also, the controls run much, much smoother.

8. It has greatly improved graphics compared to the last three games.

Along with better camera angles and smoother controls, there's a huge update in the graphics. The blood looks more realistic instead of some cheesy bright-red color. Also, the scenery of the castles and cathedrals are just beautiful.

9. It's the first of the series to mix action with survival horror.

Resident Evil 1, 2 and 3 mainly focused on the suspense and horror elements. While "Resident Evil 4" comes in the picture with more action-related elements while still having the themes of survival horror.

10. The quick time events.

While quick time events are quite noticeable in gameplay, they can throw you off during a cutscene for first-time players of the game. Don't let Jack Krauser's smooth talk distract you.

Cover Image Credit: Capcom/YouTube

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Bobby Tarantino Is Back On Logic's New Mixtape

Here's everything you need to know about "Bobby Tarantino II."

On the same night that Lil Yachty dropped “Lil Boat 2,” Logic gave us “Bobby Tarantino II” because he must have known how bad Yachty’s work was going to be.

We’ve already heard the first “Bobby Tarantino” mixtape, and most of us thought it was fire, but what about its sequel? Well, that’s exactly what I am here for. Here’s everything you need to know about “Bobby Tarantino II.”

"Grandpa’s Space Ship"

This was strictly an intro to the mixtape so technically, “Overnight” is the first song on “Bobby Tarantino II.” This introduction, however, was much different than his others because it featured dialogue from Rick and Morty.

The conversation between the two popular characters is about Logic, himself, and each character represents the two different sides of rap fans and, more specifically, Logic’s fans. When trying to decide which project to play by Logic, they settle in the middle with “that Bobby Tarantino.”


This was a song that was already released publicly as a single, and while I enjoyed it, I wasn’t completely sold on it. That all changed the moment I heard how Logic incorporated it into this project so I definitely suggest listening to it directly after the “Grandpa’s Space Ship” introduction.


Contra is all about Logic’s recent success in the mainstream scene. With his previous projects, Logic was getting kind of big but far from where he is now after the release of his album, “Everybody.”

The beat goes hard, and Logic absolutely bleeds all over the record as he gives real lyrics to his audience instead of rapping about doing drugs and sleeping with women the way almost every other rapper does.

"BoomTrap Protocol"

The very beginning of this song may remind you of elevator music, but just wait a few more seconds until Logic comes on the beat and gives you a million reasons to put the song on repeat. BoomTrap Protocol is such a great song to chill and kick it to so I definitely suggest you do just that. Logic achieves a sound here that I’m not sure he’s ever done before – or, at the very least, done this well – and it certainly worked well for him.


In an article I wrote the previous week, I mentioned the low-scale beef happening between Logic and Joyner Lucas. Lucas has been taking shots at Logic since they collabed on Tech N9ne’s “Siracha” track, and Logic has hardly spoken a word about it.

On “Yuck,” however, Logic did everything but drop Joyner’s name as he spit bars on flows and completely destroyed Lucas with ease. If Lucas chooses to respond, he’ll have to be a little more careful with what he says because Logic seems to be growing impatient with Joyner’s attempts to use Logic for more views.

"Indica Badu - Wiz Khalifa"

This was a song that I never thought I would have had heard before for two reasons: 1. I never thought I’d hear Logic and Wiz Khalifa on the same track and 2. I could never see Logic making a song that was clearly about weed.

Clearly, I was wrong, and I couldn’t be happier about it because this song was awesome from beginning to end. Khalifa rapped really well and so did Logic. His flows were impressive on this track and on the entire mixtape, as a whole.


Logic gave us a mix of sounds on this four-minute-long song. The first minute and a half are slower and give us more of a chill vibe, but then the beat drops and Logic gives us some really hard rap with bars that can’t be beaten.

"Warm It Up" - Young Sinatra

The first thing I had to say about this song is: “My god, that beat.” Logic shows us another reason why he’s one of the best in today’s rap game with this track. He can perform any style: old, new, slow, fast or whatever else you throw his way. He’s so versatile and always has been, but songs like this–and this mixtape, in general–make it clear that Logic is still every bit as good as we all thought when he first started to blow up.

"Wizard of Oz"

Another good beat, which you can say for practically every song on “Bobby Tarantino II,” but I really like how the beat came into the song. Logic immediately comes at you with fast flows but changes the tempo up in a really beautiful way.

Another thing I noticed here was this line, “increase the autotune so y’all can feel the pain,” which I thought was really cool because on the song “Under Pressure” on Logic’s first studio album, “Under Pressure," Logic uses the line, “And bitch I’m still the same, dash of autotune so y’all can feel the pain.”

Technically, Logic recycled his own bar, which is usually frowned upon in rap music, but since I have never heard this bar from anyone else before, I’ll give him a pass on it.

"State of Emergency" - 2 Chainz

The beat goes so hard on this track featuring 2 Chainz, who gives a very hot verse to “Bobby Tarantino.” The two artists collaborated really well here to create one hell of a song. I would give a specific recommendation to give this song a listen, but I would honestly be doing that for every single song on the mixtape so I suggest just listening to the whole thing because it is just that good.

"Wassup" - Big Sean

This isn’t the first time Logic and Big Sean have teamed up, and it probably won’t be the last, either. I’m not the biggest fan of Big Sean because I feel like his work doesn’t live up to his potential, but I really liked him on Wassup. The beat was refreshing and so were Sean’s bars. There was a sample used in the beat from Big Sean’s song, “Mercy.”

Logic was also terrific in this song, but he was great throughout all of “Bobby Tarantino II” so it’s nothing out of the ordinary by now. His bars were strong and so were his flows – seriously, his bars had me holding my hand to my head in disbelief that I even heard what just came through my earbuds.

"Everyday" - Marshmello

Everyday is probably more of a mainstream hit than a gem on a project, but either way, it’s a great song and it’s fun to listen to. On the track featuring music from Marshmello, Logic talks about his work ethic and how it’s resulted in his success. For many people who may have come from nothing and are either beginning to turn their life around or have already done so, this song may possibly feel like an anthem to you.

"44 More"

Just like “Bobby Tarantino II” is a sequel, so is "44 More." On the first “Bobby Tarantino” mixtape, Logic went hard on a track called "44 Bars." On "44 More," Logic gives us exactly 44 bars on the beat and every single one of them is worth listening to. Some lines, here and there, definitely make me think he’s taken multiple shots at Joyner Lucas (not counting the ones included on Yuck because those are a lot more obvious).

Final score: 8.8/10

Every single song on this “Bobby Tarantino II” can be argued as the best song on the mixtape because Logic spits straight heat with his unique combination of bars, flows and sounds. If there is one album you are going to listen to all week, I highly recommend choosing “Bobby Tarantino II” for all of your musical needs.

Cover Image Credit: Visionary Music Group / YouTube

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