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To All The September Birthdays

Hopefully you weren't missed!

To All The September Birthdays
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This one goes out to those of you who have the unfortunate timing of exiting the womb in the lovely month of September! I want to take this moment to wish you a happy birthday! I hope you have or had a wonderful birthday and celebration. As a fellow September birthday, I would like to encourage you as you make your way through the next school year or through work.

For those who are not born in September, it probably strikes you as weird that I am wishing a happy birthday to people born in a specific month but let me explain for a bit. September, while being blessed with beautiful weather and the beginning of Fall, is not so kind to people born in that month. As a student, September is usually the first month of school and is also usually the most awkward. You all know what I'm talking about; that moment where you have to actually try and make friends. You get a little small talk in here and there, sit next to your classmates, and you figure out who you want to be your friend. That's great!

...Except now it's already October. Your birthday has passed. Your friendships are getting stronger as you start struggling through the school day and try to finish the cumbersome homework for class the next day. Eventually, you get to later in the school year and everyone starts talking about their birthdays!

Hooray! The one conversation you didn't want to have because it is extremely awkward. Everyone goes around in a circle saying their birthdays but you'll only remember a handful and have to ask about five more times. Either that, or you let Facebook remind you (honestly, I love this feature. It helps so much). It gets to your turn and you have the joyous opportunity of telling your friends that you birthday has already passed; in fact, it was last month. The whole room tells you happy late birthday and you put out a half smile but it's not the same.

You don't really care about the gifts or the celebration that you missed. The real bother is that you'll have to relive this same scenario every year for the rest of your academic career. The awkward silence that follows, the shifting eyes as you all try to figure out what to talk about next. The conversation eventually ends and don't worry, no one will remember what just happened.

Well, except for your friends the following year! A select few will remember and wish you happy birthday the next year. You'll go out to celebrate or whatever your means of fun is, and you'll enjoy your birthday this time!

But for all those awkward first conversations, it is still somewhat unfortunate. And that's why you get a free happy birthday, on me. Go enjoy yourself and your new year!

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