If College Majors Were Reimagined As Movie Genres
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If College Majors Were Reimagined As Movie Genres

Film genres overlap with characteristics of college majors.

If College Majors Were Reimagined As Movie Genres

There is a similarity between college majors and movies. They both have a numerous amount of distinct categories and genres with unique characteristics. Below is a description of the overlapping traits of majors and similar film genres.

Biology as Adventure films

These majors study the functions of life and the ecosystems and roles that play into it. Like adventure films, they learn about exotic life and study complex information to reach a conclusion.

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Business & Management as Superhero films

These people are bold leaders with no problem taking action. They have a sharp wit for decision making and working with big budgets. Like superhero movies, they have high energy and work as a team.

The Avengers

Chemistry as Fantasy films

These students are highly logical and study the new and unimaginable, along with the barely believable. Although science isn't magic, sometimes chemistry appears to be as close as the fantasy scenes in films.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Communication as Action films

As storytellers, these people always have exciting stories and are usually on the move. They work with strategy, much like characters must do to survive their adventure. They have worked in many places and can regale you with their experiences.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Computer Science as Mystery films

Mysteries can be as perplexing as figuring out algorithms and programming. But like mystery movies, these majors always figure out the solution in the end.

Sherlock Holmes

Education as Comedy films

Have you ever known a teacher to not have a funny story about their class? These people are light-hearted and amusing, always looking for laughter and providing it too. Like comedy films, these majors exaggerate humorous scenarios.

Despicable Me

Engineering as Sci-fi films

As visionaries with imaginative minds, these people study improbable environments with futuristic tech and the unknown. Science fiction isn't realistic yet, but perhaps it provides these majors with inspiration like time travel or space travel.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

English as Romance films

Do you know an English major that doesn't like Jane Austen? Including literature backgrounds and writing, these majors crave social insight and adore when affectionate relationships are portrayed onscreen.

Pride and Prejudice

Fine/Studio Art as Animation films

Computer generated films are inspired by and products of beautiful art and become beautiful masterpieces, like what fine and studio art majors create.

Finding Nemo

Health Sciences as Drama films

Health science majors work in a large field and often do it to help people in some way. A little bit more serious in nature, drama films can be paired up with other genres and also appeal to audiences because they are centered around characters.

Forrest Gump

Liberal Arts/Humanities as Indie films

Nobody really understands what humanity majors study, and like independent films, they are produced outside of the mainstream media and often underfunded but provide a lot of soul.

Lady Bird

Mathematics & Statistics as Spy films

These whip smart majors can quickly solve problems and apply accurate, simple solutions to complex problems by using technology to reduce risk, like what most spy films depict.

Casino Royale

History as Historical films

These films are a visual interpretation of the past which is what history majors study and discern. These students are glued to documentaries and historical films, which show true depictions of significant events that were integral in history, and can tell you what is accurate or not.

Schindler's List

Political Science as Biographical films

Other than political-related movies, these majors like to learn about the lives of others and their impact on history. Historical figures depicted in these films are usually prominent members of the government or political world that have affected the public.

Catch Me If You Can

Psychology as Horror & Thriller films

These majors learn about individuals and their environments. They study outsiders, behavioral problems, and emotions like fear. Horror and thriller films provide the abnormal antagonists psychologists learn about.


Theater as Musicals

Often more complicated and stressful than it appears, these people appreciate music and dance. They understand the complex hard work and talent it takes to pull off a musical masterpiece.

Mamma Mia!
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