The Science Of Falling In Love
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You May Think You're The One To Choose Your Partner But In Reality, Your Body Has Decided Everything For You

Follow your smell.


Do you know how many theories of the formation of chemistry between people there are? Why out of the millions of guys on this planet we choose that particular one? That's curious, isn't it? Psychologists say one thing, anthropologists another. Let's try to make our own investigation.

People are sure that the most important things they are concerned about when making choice are the appearance of the partner, his level of education or income. This is true, but only half true.

The last decade there have been many studies of the complexities of histocompatibility going on. For our bodies, the proteins that are located on all cell membranes, which are responsible for the development of our immunity, are very important as they consist of 100 trillion cells. The main complex of histocompatibility affects both the way a person smells and the smell he likes.

That is where the most interesting part begins. The greater the difference in these proteins in humans is, the stronger their smells like each other. As well as from the point of evolution, the greater the difference between genes, the greater the likelihood that children will have the most beneficial option for survival.

Studies were conducted on almost 10 thousand women and confirmed that the smell of sweat from t-shirts of men with the most different proteins seem pleasant, but the same repels. The most interesting thing is that women who took oral contraceptives, on the contrary, chose t-shirts for men with similar protein structures, which means that the contraceptives change preferences and minimize the possibility of children — exactly what they are made for.

Sometimes it seems to us that we make a weighted choice. In fact, our bodies have already calculated everything, put it on the shelves, analyzed and decided that this particular person is suitable for us to have posterity with. But I think that when choosing a partner, a person is guided by much more complex considerations. In other words, this only gives a certain edge over competitors, but it's just funny if the chemistry of love is really your sweat.

So, do you like the smell of your partner's sweat?

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