13 Reasons Why Salvy Has Always Been MVP
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13 Reasons Why Salvy Has Always Been MVP

Salvador Perez stole the hearts of Kansas City, and the rest of the world is finally catching on.

13 Reasons Why Salvy Has Always Been MVP
NY Times

Sunday, Nov. 1, will go down in history for Kansas City. Not only did the Royals win their first World Series Championship in 30 years, but they were finally celebrated for being a team that has wowed the world.

After the game, catcher Salvador Perez was named the Most Valuable Player for the World Series, and it is obvious that no one could deserve it more. Not only is Perez an incredible player, but he's proved himself to be an incredible person. So if you don't know much about this silly guy, it's time you do.

Although the list could be endless, here are just 13 of the reasons why #13 is the real MVP -- both on and off the field.

Image courtesy of the Kansas City Star.

1. His Gatorade dumping technique is on point.

By this point, Perez is well-known for dumping Gatorade on his teammates and coaches. Any Royals victory is the perfect excuse for him to find the orange jug and unleash his joy.

Image courtesy of giphy.com.

2. He's incredible at photobombing.

Another thing Perez is known for is his photobombing skills. Countless sports interviews feature this goofy catcher in the background grinning his ginormous grin. One time, Perez and one of his teammates even managed to photobomb Rex Hudler while riding on segways.

Image courtesy of giphy.com.

3. He gives the best hugs.

I can't help but be extremely jealous of the Royals players for getting to be on the receiving end of such spectacular hugs. A hug from Perez would definitely be the perfect way to brighten a bad day.

Image courtesy of Instagram user salvadorp13.

4. His Instagram is both hilarious and inspiring.

If you don't follow Perez on Instagram, it's time that you do. Not only are there countless videos of him recording Lorenzo Cain when he isn't looking, but he's constantly reposting pictures from his fans and admirers.

Image courtesy of USA Today Sports.

5. He's a little boy trapped in an adult's body.

Watching Perez receive the World Series MVP trophy from MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred felt like watching a kid open his presents on Christmas morning. This guy is always joyful, always full of energy, and always ready for some fun.

Image courtesy of Wordpress user chukarscorner.

6. He's been with the Royals since he was 16 years old.

Not to mention, Perez has been with the Kansas City Royals basically since he was a kid. Perez signed with the Royals in 2006 at the age of 16, and was called up to the major leagues by 2011.

Image courtesy of giphy.com.

7. He outplays his salary.

Perez's current salary is right around $1 million per year. While this is of course a very large amount, of the 25 players with annual salaries over the million mark, his is the second lowest. Most of the top players make between $6 million to 10 million, annually. Needles to say, however, Perez isn't playing for the money. He's playing for the joy of the game, and he is dang good at it.

Image courtesy of giphy.com.

8. He doesn't care what other people think.

The hilarious truth became viral recently that Perez, in addition to other Royals players, wears women's perfume while playing. But is he embarrassed about it? Not in the slightest. According to ESPN, Perez got the idea from Escobar, and stuck with it after the umpire commented on the fact that he smelled good.

Image courtesy of Instagram user salvadorp13.

9. He loves his Momma.

After winning the World Series on Sunday, Perez posted the picture collage above on his Instagram. The image was captioned with "te amo vieja eres la mejor," which translates from Spanish to "I love you old woman, you're the best." Perz was raised by his single mother in Venezuela where she worked tirelessly to provide for him and support him. There's no doubt that Perez is more than grateful for his loving mother.

Image courtesy of Instagram user salvadorp13.

10. He loves his fans, too.

Perez is always going out of his way to show his fans that he cares about them too. A recent Forbes article discusses the wonderful integrity of the baseball player the world is growing to love, and it notes how his Instagram is one way he uses his platform to care for others.

11. His bromance with Lorenzo Cain has everyone jealous.

Skip to 1:48 on the video above and just watch. No words needed.

Image courtesy of Zimbio.

12. His smile is contagious.

I don't care if you're a Cardinals fan, Astros fan, or Mets fan, there is no way you can't smile when you look at that face. Perez is the definition of joy.

Image courtesy of giphy.com.

13. He plays ball like a champ.

Last, but not least, Perez is the MVP because he plays hard, and he plays well. Not only is Perez a phenomenal catcher, but he is a phenomenal hitter too. It's not often that you see a baseball player so talented both offensively and defensively. This guy is a rockstar.

So, Salvy, what else can we say? We love you. You always have been and always will be our MVP. And the whole world knows it.

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