Rutgers' Football Sorrows Continue

September 17, 2016. That is the date of Rutgers football's most recent win. That victory wasn't even against a fellow Big Ten school.

Fast-forward to mid-November, where Rutgers just received a devastating defeat to an unranked Michigan State team, with a final score of 49-0. Not to mention, Michigan State is currently ranked as the second-worst football team in the Big Ten Conference, right above, you guessed it, Rutgers. However, this isn't even the worst part: in its three games against Ohio State, Michigan, and Michigan State, Rutgers has been outscored 185-0.

Now it is time to the ask the question: should Rutgers remain in the Big Ten Conference?

Absolutely not. There really is no good reason for why Rutgers should lose week after week and for things not to get any better. The only thing that is desirable for recruits is that Rutgers is the closest Big Ten school geographically to New York City. It is time for Rutgers to part ways with this conference and start making a more positive direction for the future of the football program. Big Ten teams like Ohio State, Michigan, and even Penn State will always teams to be reckoned with, unlike Rutgers, who will continue to keep losing their conference games to teams that will always be better than them.

If Rutgers can't thrive in the Big Ten, where should they go instead?

Surprisingly, if you Google "Rutgers football rivals," the first link provided suggests the University of Connecticut. However, UCONN dwells comfortably in the American Athletic Conference, where they tend to succeed in multiple sports, but also face some degree of difficulty against fellow conference schools. The only problem with this change of conference for the Scarlet Knights is that Rutgers has a significantly larger student body than many AAC schools. The switch may be worth their while considering how poorly they perform against Big Ten schools and the opportunities for success that appear evident within the AAC.

So, to all the Rutgers fan out there: hang in just a little bit longer. These final two games will be over before you know it.

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