From the time I started dreaming about college, I started building up a fantasy of what roommates would be like while I was there. Having basically no real-life experience at the age of 16, eleventh grade me imagined that we'd all be best friends with coordinating comforters, the same taste in music and movies and the same passion for sharing clothes.

Well, as you can imagine, my bubble was burst after just one year of school when I realized that it's actually really hard to live with another person, and even harder to actually be friends with them.

Since starting college I've lived with gals who covered basically every facet of what a roommate could be both good and bad, but this past summer I was able to live in a house with six of my best friends.

Yeah seriously, we fit seven girls into one house. It was amazing —it also almost drove me completely insane. The house is affectionately named 30 Flirty, and I will never forget her.

Each girl completed a personality role that every friend group needs.

To start off I need to preface that there are two girls who used to live in the house but moved out before the summer. They won't be talked about but I adore them and they are absolutely a part of the family, their names are Abby and Lexi.

But as far as my time in the house is concerned, first there was Cleo, and although I knew her the least, she never failed to see how she could include everyone and get the whole gang in one something. She also is the one who's willing to share or borrow just about anything and she's really not afraid to let you see the real her.

Then there's Cierra, our silent comedian and resident place keeper, and by that I mean she's really not afraid to keep you in your place.

Next, we have Cameron aka Cami, one of the most vibrant souls I've ever met and the kind of gal who just really wants to know the you-that way she can really love you.

Then comes Meg, my little bee. She's my fellow four on the enneagram and ENFP on the Meyers Briggs (for all my personality nerds out there) aka my best friend and my biggest argument, and also our big-time dreamer in 30 Flirty.

Next, we have Mallory and Sarah, I'm putting them together not because they're the same by ANY means, but because those two are the ones who have basically heard, seen, smelt, etc basically everything about me.

Mal is our worry worm but also the one who will call you out for not taking care of your business. She's the one who will talk you through any problem by asking you the hard questions but she's also the same gal who makes really crazy choices and never feels bad about them-as she shouldn't.)

And Sarah is my laid back Mama Bear/Crazy Aunt who drags you to go dancing even when you don't want to go, who'll yell at the 60-year-old man that thinks you can't drive, and who'll spot you large amounts of money in emergency situations without batting an eye.

Oh and I can't forget Lou/Lou Lou/Eloise/Lewis, our very gender confused cat who will cuddle with you and then bite your nose off.

That's right guys seven girls, four rooms, and one cat.

How did we survive you ask? I honestly don't know.

What I do know is that through the disgustingly dirty bathroom, the 16 empty tampon boxes, the continuously not there toilet paper, the double sink always full of dishes, the constant borrowing without asking of clothes and the ten million screams is a family like I've never seen. It was hard to live with all those girls, even though I adore them all. It was hard because it showed me everyone else's flaws while also confronting me with my own.

It's very understandable to be frustrated when someone uses your body wash without asking, but it's ten times easier to do the same thing to them. It's easy to blame that missing $20 on one of your sticky finger roommates, but it's also easy to just lose it yourself.

It's super easy to confront everyone else when they've wronged you, but it's so not easy to apologize on your own accord when you've wronged them.

What living with these girls taught me is that no matter what people are fallible and at some point, everyone is going to be hurt.

But what it also taught me is that I can be fully (and I mean FULLY) loved and accepted and embraced and adored by girls who I am not biologically related to, but are as fully my family as my own flesh and blood. And that is the most important lesson.