The Rio Olympics 2016 has begun last week and there are many countries that are taking part in this event. The opening ceremony was grand and it gave way to the start of the mega event in Rio de Janeiro. All the countries that are participating in this event are excited and happy to be part of this event. I would be vouching for Team India, USA and Jamaica in this Olympics.

Team India since it is my native country and we are expecting to win many medals this year. I also support USA since I am working in USA and this second home to me now. I support Jamaica solely because of their track champion Usain Bolt. Team USA are already celebrating since Michael Phelps has won his 19th gold in the 400m freestyle relay. Team India has legendary Cricket icon Sachin Tendulkar supporting and cheering for them. They won their first hockey filed match against Ireland 3-2 with Raghunath V R scoring the first goal for Team India. This was a special win for Team India and they are leading in the Men’s Hockey Pool B. The Indian Women’s Relay team too looks very promising with Ashwini Akkunji and others.

I would convey my best wishes and good luck to Team India, USA and Jamaica for this Rio Olympics. May all these countries win as many medals and make their country proud. The United States is already leading with 3 Gold, 5 Silver and 4 bronze medals in this Olympics. It will be great to watch your home country win the games and medals. These athletes and sportspersons have dedicated so much in their lives waiting to participate and give their best at this event. They would have spent years of training and hard work trying to achieve their goals and qualify for various events. Focus and determination plays a key role for all these sportspersons and they emerge winners if they keep their mind and body in control. They sacrifice on food, free time and other important things just to meet their targets and make it big. And the feeling of winning a medal for your country is truly amazing and joyous. Waiting to watch Usain Bolt race to victory this time too. The Olympic games is going to be fun and ecstatic for all of us. So watch the games when you get time and Enjoy!