1. Eat at home a little more

Instead of going out all of the time, learn how to meal prep and cook at home. Not only does it feel good when you have the hang of it, but it also cuts down spending in your wallet and calorie count

2. Read and listen more

You'll be amazed at how much more you're aware of. It will also give you a sense of humility and empathy when you become a better listener.

3. Learn what moderation is

This doesn't only count in the food department. Instead of spending 3 hours of work or school, learn to moderate and spread out your time so you're getting a little bit of everything in day. You'll not only enjoy your day more, but you will also become a better time manager.

4. Say thank you and give recognition

This costs a lot less than that fancy new gym membership - it also goes a lot further. Start giving our holiday and birthday cards - people love them! Tell people thank you. Recognize that this person did a great job or went out of their way to do something. You would want the same.

5. Walk instead of drive

There's so much to be gained from walking. Not only will you burn off calories, but you'll also have time to reflect and get to know your neighborhood.

6. Practice patience

All good things come to those who wait

7. Decrease frequency and depth of toxic relationships

Don't give in to those people who make you feel terrible and have nothing positive to provide in your life. You don't need to ignore or cut-off people, but don't make it your entire circle of relationships.

8. Go vote