We all know how important it is to remove negative energy from our lives, generally speaking. While problems always have the potential to arise, persistent negative events in our life can really affect our overall health. It is pretty easy to identify a factor of life that is problematic as it is emitting negative energy into our life, but what isn't so easy is imagining the magnitude that this negative energy is truly taking out of us. This isn't something that can be fully appreciated until after we have removed it completely from our lives.

I came to this conclusion after experiencing the removal of a series of factors, all independent of one another, yet similar based on the commonality of presenting harmful energy into my life, within the last six months. These factors included what I thought were just the typical issues of dealing with unhealthy relationships, switching out of a toxic environment, completing classes that failed to hold my interest or meet my expectations, and changing my own personal mindset. While I was stuck in these negative situations, I was quite aware of the fact that these were, in fact, negative factors in my life. I understood that I was discontent and experiencing major setbacks in reaching my maximum potential as a well-rounded human being.

After I conjured the courage to make an effort to alleviate the negativity, whether that be through ending relationships, removing myself from the environment, developing acceptance of reality, or working to change my much-too-ingrained thought patterns, I was still nervous but pursued these efforts regardless.

And I am ever-so-thankful that I chose to do so.

Even as I was self-aware of the negativity present in my life, I was ignorant of how much weight these factors truly held. Letting go and moving forward after alleviating these negative factors have only continued to prove to me how powerful the act of this healthy pursuit is. Every day, I am amazed at how free I feel after removing the negativity that used to plague my life. I think that I had just adapted to the mental and physical stressors without realizing how terrible these factors were to my overall wellbeing. As a result, I was unable to fully know that the negative factors were still impacting me since I had just assumed it was normal after happening for so long.

Moreover, I think that the removal of multiple factors of similar toxicity over the duration of about six months is also very telling of my newfound feeling of freeness. To know that at one point my life was so full of these factors, it is mind-boggling to understand how I didn't know sooner just how much toxicity I was allowing myself to be surrounded with.

I encourage everyone to deeply evaluate the energy that they are allowing into their lives. Taking some time to reflect on the relationships, environments, and priorities that we allow to compose our lives is crucial in ultimately determining the quality of life that we have. Reassessing the connections that we have is necessary for cultivating the type of presence that we wish to have; the energy that we are surrounded by is the energy that we start to emit. While it is impossible to remove all negative factors because we cannot control the way that another type of energy is formed, it is possible for us to control how we react to those situations.

Consequently, determining when a specific person, place, thing, or thought is causing us more harm than help and then making an effort to inflict either a physical or a mental change is intimidating, courageous, shocking, and incredibly worthwhile.

Once we pursue this new reality, we will feel so much lighter as the intense power of detachment from what is perceived as an uncomfortable stressor is only truly comprehensible as it becomes our reality.

Trust me.