A Reminder For When You Don't Think You Can Adult
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A Reminder For When You Don't Think You Can Adult

Everyone has off days where they don't think they can "adult," but guess what, even if you think you can't, you absolutely can.

A Reminder For When You Don't Think You Can Adult
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On this journey we all take part in, college, work, and life are three very separate things. College and work do not fall under the category of “life” during the ages of 18 to, at least, 27 years of age. All three become giant categories with tons of little sub categories that come along with them. When people say, “I can’t adult today,” that is a true feeling and action. Sometimes there are days where getting up and having to face the real world and all the craziness that inhibits even the tiniest of spaces in your day is just too much to think about. But, no matter how crazy or daunting the day seems and how badly you truly “can’t adult,” you’ve got to.

I was not, and still am not, prepared in the least for what life has thrown my way, despite the great job my parents did raising me and teaching me how to live. Being almost 20 years of age, I have learned so much but so little at the exact same time.

A lot of you are probably thinking, “how is that possible? That’s a contradicting statement!” if you are one of the people utterly confused about that statement, then bless your soul because you probably didn’t have to deal with a life of utter craziness on a daily basis. Honestly the best way I can even describe the work load of college on top of all the other things going on at work and in life is with an real life example that most athletes will know all too well.

Remember during conditioning when we had to get on the line, we all felt dread and anxiety sink in before we heard the whistle? That’s how I feel looking at my calendar that is full of assignments from the seven classes I am currently taking. Remember how once the whistle blew and we started to sprint it wasn’t so bad because the line wasn’t as far as we thought?

But then that dreaded moment came when it was about the sixth sprint in and you had just sprinted your hardest only to reach the other line and realize that you had to turn right back around and job back to do another set of sprints? Yep, that’s how it is. You constantly think you couldn’t possibly be anymore stressed or exhausted but life gets the last laugh because it tends to trample school and work by saying, “Hi, here ya go, add this to everything we already have going on!”

Despite the physical and mental exhaustion that ensues after every day and week, the amount of memories and character that is created is literally priceless. There’s nothing like sleep deprived conversations or spouting off facts to your friends because your brain has been trying to process an entire textbook over a period of six hours. Despite not thinking of it as a possibility, we are all in the same boat together. We are all having to learn to “adult” and handle everything, even if that means your “adulting” doesn’t involve eating an entire pizza by yourself while binge watching Netflix when you get an evening alone.

Here are some things that should ne remembered when walking out the door, whether you are disheveled or put together, to help get you through the day:

  • There is no right or wrong way to “adult.”
  • Enjoy every single second of life. There is literally one positive thing that happens every single day in life; and I know that for a fact. You just have to find it and hold on to it.
  • We are so young and have so much ahead of us at this point in our lives. Take all that is open to us and use it to the full advantage; do not waste it.
  • It doesn’t matter what others think of you because at the end of the day, they aren’t the ones that have to life with you. You have to live with who you are and what you do.
  • It is okay to cry when you feel overwhelmed or unsure, it doesn’t mean you’re a weak person, it just means you mentally need a detox.
  • As corny as it sounds, if you force yourself to smile at least once every hour or so, you will feel better. The greatest gift shared among strangers is a smile, laughter, or kind words.
  • Good music is key to getting through life. Be open to listening to something new at least once a week.
  • Sometimes it’s okay to treat yourself and splurge! Just be mindful.
  • Taking care of yourself and what you have to do is not being selfish, so don’t feel guilty.
  • If I can “adult,” so can you.
  • Life truly is amazing and there are so many great opportunities, places, and people out there. Do not hesitate to go explore. Live and appreciate life while you can.

The next time you want to just give up and say, “I can’t adult today,” just remember, you don’t have to full on adult, you can do a little bit of adulating, even if that means just getting out of bed to get ready and make yourself some breakfast. Life in moderation is a good way to start off on days when getting out of bed seems a little harder than normal.

Sometimes we just have to give ourselves a pep talk and find that fire inside us that we had as little kids when all we wanted to do was become successful and have fun when we got older. Your life, your choices, your story. Write with a pen, and don’t be afraid to make some mistakes and write with more than just “black” and “blue” ink.

Always remember...Just keep truckin' on and...

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