To The Girls Who Have A Pages-Long College Packing List, Here's Why I Regret Doing The Same
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To The Girls Who Have A Pages-Long College Packing List, Here's Why I Regret Doing The Same

Do you really need 10 perfumes and that painful pair of heels you never wear?

To The Girls Who Have A Pages-Long College Packing List, Here's Why I Regret Doing The Same

In the eyes of a high school senior, college is a time for new beginnings. It screams excitement and a new chapter in your life, but it almost always doesn't require every single item you have in mind. Of course, my mom drives a minivan, so we had a little extra space. This is a time to work with your parents and friends to get their opinions and plan how you're going to fit in your family's vehicle on move-in day! Don't forget to bring snacks and water because it's a long, dehydrating and exhausting day.

My first tip: Log into Pinterest or a trendy blog to get a basic idea of what you'll need to pack. Most of the time, these sources provide ideas that you might not have thought of. For example, I knew to bring clothes and toiletries, but I didn't think of a humidifier for that dry, gross dorm room air. No wonder the freshman 15 is followed so soon by the freshman flu.


Next, I would evaluate what you've gathered and prioritized according to your lifestyle. Are you the girl who regularly circulates through your countless eyeshadow palettes or do you only use them for a special occasion? I usually do a warm, peachy look that compliments my brown eyes, but I left my all glitter palette at home because I haven't used it yet. By the time this step comes around, it's usually time to start looking for your roommates. After all, most first-year college horror stories involve roommate fights and discord.


After you've found your roommates, make sure to get to know them, so there aren't any major surprises after you move-in. Another tip: make a group chat and talk about what you're bringing. My roommates live in a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom dorm with a living room and a kitchen, so we divided up living room decor and kitchen stuff. You might not be as lucky as we were to have a super helpful mom who gladly returned the extra microwave after a two-hour drive.

Okay, back to the list. Really. Just make sure your list represents who you are! Your space should give off your specific vibe, not what everyone else is doing! Pinterest is your best friend during this time, but don't use it too literally and get into a fight with your parents over a $200 rug just because it's ~aesthetic~. I remember my list being a few pages long and I regret it because even though I have my own bedroom, it's still uncomfortable when more than one person's in it. I have to move my butterfly chair and throw my vacuum under the bed along with god knows what is under there. I mean, my friends are packed like sardines in there. Long story short, bring 5-10 things per category unless it's bathroom stuff because an extra bottle of shampoo or body wash goes a long way when you can't get to the store.


If you have a vision for your first year at college, that's great! But, make sure you don't spend too much and you bring stuff (comforters, pillows, etc.) that you can use for the next three years because all of your money will be spent on tuition, room and board, food (when you don't feel like eating at the dining hall), and having fun! Please don't forget to have fun in college!

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