Your Ultimate Packing List For A Suite-Style Dorm

Your Ultimate Packing List For A Suite-Style Dorm

For freshman that are moving in this August into a suite-style dorm this is what you need to bring

Rachel Klumpp

Whether you are going to UA or to another college that has suite-style dorms this list will help you bring everything you need to have the best dorm room.

1. Bedding

This would include a mattress topper to add a little cushion to the bed, a mattress cover, sheets, a comforter set, pillows and blankets.

2. Storage

For the best storage options pick up some hangers, a shoe rack to put either under your bed or in your closet, storage carts/bins (I got two rolling ones and one from target that is like a mini plastic dresser for more clothes space), a make-up organizer and a jewelry organizer (I got one that went on the wall and hung all my jewelry from.

3. Bathroom

For your bathroom you are most likely sharing it with one other person so communicate on who should bring what. This would include, towels/wash cloths, bath rugs (one for the bathroom and one for the sink area), a shower curtain, a robe and a shower caddy to hold all your shower stuff.

4. Kitchen

Again this is something you will be sharing with three other people so communicate with who is bringing what to make sure it's equal. This would include kitchen supplies (plate, cups, bowls, utensils), a drying rack and probably a coffee maker. It isn't allowed to have any toasters or cookers, but my roommates and I had a toaster and a express cooker hot pot that we could cook pasta in and we never got in trouble. You won't be doing much cooking if you have a meal plan, but it always helps to have stuff if you don't feel like going out.

5. Bedroom

I would recommend getting a tv for your bedroom even if you have one in the living room just so you have a small one for your own room and alone time. Decorations this is the time to make your room yours so decorate it however you want to make it feel like home. Powers strips, a desk lamp, desk organizer and a fan (if you get hot easily) are just some extra things to make your room flow a little bit better. A full length mirror if you like having one.

6. Cleaning/Laundry

Cleaning supplies is something you can split with your roommates like a vacuum, wipes, sponges and dish soap. Bring a laundry basket or hamper to do laundry with laundry detergent.

7. Living room

This something you could do with all your roommates when you move-in or plan out who is going to bring what for example, a tv, decorations, pillows, a rug, somethings to make it seem more homey.

I would recommend if possible to buy everything before you go to school. All the local stores will be sold out of everything you need when you get there. Most schools let you ship to your dorm before you move-in or you can order online and pick-up at the store closest to your school to insure they will have it when you get there. Hope this helps you have the most successful move-in!

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