14 Examples Of How The East Coast Has Its Own "D.M.V" Slang
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14 examples of how the east coast has its own "d.m.v" slang

"Often enough, some of the words that originated in the DMV are now being used all over the country."

14 examples of how the east coast has its own "d.m.v" slang

Moving to Northern Virginia, also known as 'NOVA', has taught me a lot about the cultural aspects of the east coast. This includes their very own slang. The slang is often referred to as "DMV Slang", and you use it if you are from the DMV. On the east coast, the DMV does not always stand for Department of Motor Vehicles. Instead, it stands for D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. However, the DMV does not include all of Virginia or Maryland. Usually, people refer the DMV to the northern part of Virginia and the Southern parts of Maryland. Often enough, some of the words that originated in the DMV are now being used all over the country. Here are some of the words used around the DMV that you may or may not have known:

1. DMV

D.C., Maryland, and Virginia; however, just the northern part of Virginia (NOVA) and the southern part of Maryland.

"Where are you from?"

"Northern Virginia"

"Hey! I am from the DMV too!"

2. Brick

Used as a measurement of time. Usually a long time.

"I have not gone on the metro in a brick."

3. Move(s)

Usually referring to in a matter of plans and asking people what they are doing.

"What's the moves for tonight?"

4. Sice/Cise

Another word for excited, happy, or pumped.

"I am so siced for the new Purge movie to come out"

5. Bet

A term that you would use when agreeing with someone, or saying yes.

"We're going to meet up at the harbor."

"Alright, bet."

6. Geek/Geeking

These terms are used when something or someone is funny, or when someone says something ridiculous.

"Man, you are geeking."

"That geeks."

7. Moe/Cuz

A word used like bro, bruh, etc...

"Whats good, Moe?"

8. Ji/Jih

A word used instead of "really" and "very".

"I am ji excited to sleep in tomorrow."

9. Blown

This is when you are beyond mad about something that happened.

"She was so blown that he ghosted her."

10. Stamp

Is used like "I swear" or "I promise".

"I stamp she was at her house this weekend."

11. Pressed

I have heard this term used in different ways. There is the positive way in which someone is excited about something. There is the more negative way where someone is stressed.

"I am pressed over passing this exam"

12. Joint

Filler word for an item.

"This joint is hot, do not touch it"

13. Cop

To obtain something.

"I gotta cop that"

14. Hip

To be knowledgeable of.

"Are you hip to Drake's new album?"

"Yeah Cuz, its aight"

Recognize some words that you use everyday? See some new ones you might pick up? Living around individuals that use this slang everyday has led me to incorporate it into my own life. Often enough when I am away from the DMV I have to explain what I am saying due to not everyone understanding the slang I use.

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