Oh, class registration, how I haven't missed you. Welcome to the most stressful time of year. Your registration time probably isn't ideal, you probably have no idea what classes you should even be taking, and any class you think you may want to take is already full and you don't register for a few more days. Sound familiar? Here's a step by step guide to what it's actually like to register for classes.

1. First: you open your computer, forgetting how terrible registration is and get ready to start planning our your classes

2. Quickly, you remember the horror that is registration and wish for the days when it wasn't your job to plan your entire future

3. You decide its the ~responsible~ thing to set up a meeting with your advisor because clearly, you can't do this on your own

4. You walk into the meeting and they instantly bombard you with all of the requirements you still need to fill and that the classes you were thinking about taking are all wrong.

5. You walk out of your meeting less advised than ever and more stressed out than before if that's even possible

6. You spend hours looking up teacher and class reviews to ensure you have the best professors with the least amount of work. You also use it as an excuse to read all of the gossip on the faculty.

7. You finally put together a schedule with no 8 AMs, no class on Friday and you're done by 2 every day

8.But, then you realize that half of those classes are full and you have to start over

9. The day finally comes when you actually need to register. You spend about an hour prepping yourself for the mayhem while also constantly making new schedules because all of your classes are filling up

10. It's time. You quickly type in your course numbers online. Luckily, these classes aren't all full and you don't have to frantically search for something on the spot.

11. However, you're back in those 8 AMs and you can kiss "no class on Friday's" goodbye and say hello to late night classes. But hey, at least you survived.