1. He Only Cares About Himself

Donald Trump is the man that was elected into office, yet he does not have the best interest of all Americans in mind. He spends a lot more time bragging about himself. I do not want a self-centered person to be the leader of my country.

2. Trump Is Racist

As someone who respects people of all races, a racist president does not sit well with me. He has made it more than clear that he does not care for Muslims. Not only does he want to "ban" them from the U.S. but he keeps blaming all Muslims for every act of terrorism. Trump also talked openly about his dislike for Mexicans. He has stated that he thinks they're bad people and he plans to build a wall to keep them out. This is supposed to be a country built on freedom, and that is why others choose to come here. Who wants a president that does nothing but stereotype and discriminate against others?

3. He Has No Respect For Women

It is disgusting to think that the new leader of our country finds it okay to walk up to women and grab them by their private parts. How can anyone sit around and say something like that in such a nonchalant manner? It still blows my mind how many female supporters he had and still has.

4. Trump Made Fun Of A Disabled Man

The type of work that I currently do is working with disabled adults. It goes without saying that it broke my heart when I saw the video of Trump mocking that disabled reporter. In that moment (and a lot of other moments) he came off as a big bully. That should not be how our country is represented.

5. He Spends Way Too Much Time on Social Media

Every time I turn around Donald Trump is on Twitter being the bully that he is or complaining. I would much rather know that my president is busy making a difference instead of on social media making complaints. Newsflash, not everyone is going to like you Trump; there is no need to run to Twitter and respond to everyone who has something negative to say about you.

6. He Has No Political Experience

It is no secret that Donald Trump is a well-known business man, however, he has no idea what it really takes to be the president of the United States. Most presidential candidates have some type of political backing before running for office. I am afraid other countries will see this as a weakness for our country and try to prey on it. Someone who takes on a job in which they have no idea what they're doing does not belong running an entire country!