13 Reasons For You To Smile Today
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Mental Health

13 Reasons For You To Smile Today

Sometimes you just need a good smile.

13 Reasons For You To Smile Today

For those of my readers that read my first ever article to this site, you all have read about some of the hardships I have faced in college. On top of those experiences, I have also endured four knee surgeries starting in high school, and recovery (of any kind) is different for everyone and not always the easiest thing.

So, I am starting this series to remind myself and all of you that there can be a reason to smile each day, no matter how small it may be. At the beginning of each month, I will have a new reason for you to smile, and today's reason is you.

You are an amazing individual.

You are loved.

You are incredible.

You are unique.

You are real.

You are different.

You are the only you to ever exist.

You woke up today.

You lived today.

You impact so many people's lives.

You are beautiful.

You are wonderful.

You are you, let that be a reason to smile.

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