50 Reasons Why You Should Smile
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50 Reasons Why You Should Smile

Sometimes everybody needs a reason to smile.

50 Reasons Why You Should Smile
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Need a reason to smile? Trust me, it's okay, everybody needs one once in a while. But, I can promise you the world is a much better place when you do, it's gorgeous by the way!
However, if you need a bit of inspiration, here are 50 reasons why you should:

1. Going home for the holidays

2. Sleepovers with your best friend

3. When a child still believes in Santa Claus

4. Finding out your favorite store is having a sale

5. Decorating for Christmas

6. Giving a gift

7. Going on a road trip with your girlfriends

8. Binge watching your favorite TV show

9. Playing with your dog

10. Seeing family you don't see very often

11. Finding that there's still your favorite ice cream left in the freezer

12. A first kiss

13. Finding your favorite movie was added on Netflix

14. When your mom makes your favorite dinner

15. A cute puppy in the pet store window

16. Getting your first paycheck

17. Getting accepted into college

18. Being asked out on a date

19. Coming home to your dogs excited to see you

20. Freshly cleaned bed sheets

21. Sleeping in on Saturday morning

22. When the leaves change color

23. Dancing like nobody's watching

24. Campfires on a summer night

25. Getting on out class on a Friday

26. Inside jokes with your best friend

27. Wearing your favorite outfit

28. When the weather is perfect outside

29. A baby smiling

30. Getting a birthday card in the mail

31. Going on vacation

32. Eating raw cookie dough

33. All kinds of pizza

34. New pajamas

35. Freshly shaved legs

36. Thinking about your dream wedding

37. Recommending a good book

38. Lazy days

39. A blanket fresh out of the dryer

40. Going to the zoo

41. Going to bed after a long day

42. Those perfect jeans

43. Getting your nails done

44. Fresh fallen snow

45. A new hair cut

46. Being outside

47. Unexpected hugs

48. Lighting a new candle

49. Cuddles with your dog

50. Getting a call from your best friend

Smile everyday, you were made for it.

"A cheerful look brings joy to the heart; good news makes for good health."
-Proverbs 15:30

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