I can say with full knowledge (and comfort in my relationship) that I am a HANDFUL of a girlfriend. I have a lot of emotions that are very easy to hurt, I need a lot of attention, and I just want to smother my boyfriend with love... all the time. I can be a little much.

However, I know that generally, all girls have their own kind of "crazy," just from being girls. It's time we thank our boyfriends for all of the things they do for us, everything they put up with, and all that they mean to us.

1. Thank you for all of the food you buy me, even though we both know I don't need it.

2. Actually, thank you for everything you buy me, because I know I'm an expensive hobby to keep.

3. Thank you for sending me cute animal videos all the time.

4. Thank you for understanding when I cry at all of the cute animal videos (I have a lot of emotions, remember?).

5. Thank you for never making fun of me for crying over stupid things, like the Mars rover dying #RipOppy.

6. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to be with me all the time.

7. Thank you for being cool with having nap dates because we're too tired from work/school to do anything else.

8. Thank you for always letting me pick what we do for our dates, even if it isn't always what you want to do.

9. Thank you for not yelling at me when I never know what I want to eat.

10. Thank you for your EXTREME patience in all aspects of our relationship, because I get it, I'm difficult.

11. Thank you for holding my hand even though I know you don't like to.

12. Thank you for going shopping with me and letting me browse every product in Sephora.

13. Thank you for being my shoulder to cry on when something seriously worth crying about happens.

14. Thank you for being my rock when the world around us gets crazy and I just need someone solid to hold on to.

15. Thank you for opening all of the doors for me.

16. Thank you for trying, even if it's not always perfect.

17. Thank you for putting up with me and loving me unconditionally in every way you know how to.

18. Thank you for being you.