24 Reasons You Should Never Get Bangs In College
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24 Reasons You Should Never Get Bangs In College

Just don't.

24 Reasons You Should Never Get Bangs In College

A lot of people would agree that college is the time for experimentation. “Try new things,” they said. “It’ll be fun,” they said. Well, I made that mistake, and after a year and a half of dealing with the repercussions, I can say that cutting bangs might have been one of those stories from college that must remain untold. If you want bangs, I cannot stress enough how important it is to sit on that decision for a while. Four years, preferably. A decision to get bangs is not one that your college-aged mind has the capacity to make, I promise. It's not like the decision to dye your hair bright purple or to get a tattoo. You can cover that up or re-dye your hair. Bangs are a choice you're going to have to live with. Bangs are final. In an effort to save you all from the year long torture that was a lot of hair constantly hanging in my face, here are 24 reasons I will never get bangs again.

1. If you do them wrong, my-oh-my how wrong they will look.

2. You’ll have what is basically half a bowl cut for a long time.

3. They cut your face in half, and there’s no real reason to ever do that.

4. They’re a year long commitment, at least.

5. Hair grows out unevenly, so you’ll need to deal with that if you want to grow them out.

6. They’re risky. Cut them too short? You look like a psychopath. Too long? You look like an Old English Sheepdog.

7. Bangs will eventually turn into side-bangs, so be prepared for that.

8. And then there’s that awkward in-between straight across and side-swept bangs stage.

9. You have to wash your hair way more often.

10. You’ll need learn how to cut them yourself without messing up.

11. If you don’t want to cut them yourself, plan on spending a lot of money on touch-ups.

12. If you have adorable chubby cheeks, they’ll just be chubby cheeks.

13. If you have curly hair, then you need to get up early to straighten your hair every day, which is damaging.

14. There will be days when you just don’t want to deal with them. Too bad, they’re ALWAYS there.

15. You might need to change the way you do your makeup. A drastic style change can mean you need to change a lot of the rest of your style.

16. Styling them is a huge pain in the a**.

17. Say goodbye to letting your hair air dry.

18. You will have to clip them back if you plan on working out.

19. “Your hair looks sexy pushed back” … Just kidding.

20. Forget looking cute after jumping into the pool this summer.

21. If you have thin hair, honestly just don’t even think about it.

22. There will likely be less instagrammable pictures from a night out because you’ll have to remember to adjust them aaallll the time.

23. If you really dislike the way you look with bangs, it can do a number on your self-confidence.

24. If you don’t like them, it’ll take a long time for you to get rid of them completely.

25. They will drive you absolutely NUTS.

...unless you absolutely love your bangs, in which case, more power to you!

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