10 Reasons You’re The Girl Who ALWAYS Has Gum, No Matter What
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10 Reasons You’re The Girl Who ALWAYS Has Gum, No Matter What

Coffee breath is a monster that must be contained.

10 Reasons You’re The Girl Who ALWAYS Has Gum, No Matter What

If you know me, you know that I always, without a doubt, have gum on me and 9 times out of 10, I'm probably chewing it.

I chew gum when I'm working, when I'm at the gym, after I eat, and probably any other time that I'm not eating or sleeping (though I have totally fallen asleep with gum in my mouth - sorry mom!). It's a habit that I can't kick, and honestly, I'm not trying to any time soon (sorry dentists everywhere!)...

1. Coffee. Breath.


Look, it's a common, well-known fact that coffee, our sweet, sweet sleepy savior, has fumes that could knock you dead if you get too close to someone who has just downed their venti-fix. No one likes coffee breath (or really any breath that smells like your leftovers).

2. Stress management


As a highly stressed individual, gum has a (i'm convinced) magical ability to relieve my stress and provide me with unadulterated focus. Need to study? Whip a pack of those bad boys and you'll be ready to ace an exam before you know it.

3. Anxiety, who?


Similar to stress, whenever I am nervous or anxious (so, basically all the time), I find that chewing gum can actually help me calm down and sort out whatever I'm feeling. So, basically, it's free therapy and I love free things.

4. You never know when the ~mood~ strikes


Listen, I'm not saying I run around and kiss boys all the time but like you seriously never know when the opportunity will strike and who wants to make out with someone with bad breath? If you answered "I do!" than you are probably a serial killer, sorry.

5. The cool factor


At some point in your life you wanted to look effortlessly cool popping bubbles with your gum or twirling it around on finger like Cher and honestly I'm still trying to achieve that level of coolness okay?

6. Nausea Ninja


Okay, I think there's some actual voodoo magic in gum because if I ever feel sick to my stomach, gum always helps cure nausea and that is the kind of support that I need.

7. Snack city


Whenever i'm hungry and don't have a snack on hand (rare) I can always count on a piece of gum to tide me over until my next meal.

8. Caffeine boost


Tired? Chewing a piece of minty gum will wake you, and your senses, right up. Trust me, I'd know.

9. It can whiten your teeth


So, personally, I think teeth whitening gum is probably a myth but why wouldn't I at least try and keep those teeth pearly white?

10. Old. Habits. Die. Hard.


Probably the number 1 reason you will always see me with gum is because it is a habit that I simply can not kick, nor do I want to. Everyone wants to be your friend AND you have great breath AND it reduces stress/ anxiety?! Yeah, sign me up.

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