Can anyone else have fries with breakfast, lunch, and dinner? No, just me? OK.

1. Breakfast time.

Fries are basically the same as hashbrowns, right?

2. Walking to class.

If your campus does not have a Chick Fil A, I am so sorry.

3. Watching television.

#NetflixAndChill? More like #NetflixAndCheesyFries.

4. Family gatherings.

Fries are always the perfect side dish. Plus, they go GREAT with listening to drama.

5. Whenever you are eating ice cream. 

Some may say that ketchup is the perfect dipping sauce for fries. Those people have clearly never dipped fries into a McDonald's ice cream.

6. A first date. 

Fries are way easier to eat than corn-on-the-cob.

7. Lunch time.


8. At the movie theater. 

Movie theater popcorn is too expensive. Just hide some fries in your purse.

9. Break-ups.

Don't be basic and go for ice cream. Fries are way more comforting.

10. When hanging with your dog.

Fries are dog friendly (and they will make your dog love you more, guaranteed).

11. While at the gym.

Life is all about balance, right?

12. While sitting at the front of the lecture hall.

Offer some to your professor while you are at it. Brownie points.

13. During a photography shoot.

Memories that will last forever.

14. On #WineWednesday.

Cheesy fries > cheese and crackers.

15. In the bath tub.

Toss in a bath bomb, light some candles, and grab yourself a plate of fries. Self care is important, you know.

16. Whenever you order room service to a hotel room. 

Yes. Just yes. Yes.

17. On a picnic.

What better side for PB&J sandwiches?

18. At dinner.

It goes with everything -- chicken, beef, vegetables, pork, fish....

19. Cuddle time.

The perfect side to a perfectly intimate moment.

20. During an art class.

Just make sure to dip them in the ketchup and not the red paint.

21. On your period. 

Maybe they will make the cramps better. Maybe they will just make your soul happy.

22. At your engagement party.

What better way to toast this major event in your life?

23. On a road trip.

Everyone has their "favorite road trip snack."

24. On the toilet.

Gross? Maybe. Delicious? Yes.

25. At a game night.

Beer pong is overrated. Fries pong is where it is at.

26. During therapy.

Fries & Feelings Forever.

27. At Disney World.

Just keep them in your fanny pack.

28. Trick-or-treating.

Yeah, like, Kit-Kats are pretty cool, but have you ever had fries?

29. During a movie night.

Mindless eating is always a fun pastime.

30. While walking around Target.

You know you will be there for a few hours, you are bound to get hungry.

31. On #TacoTuesday.

Fries are basically like tortilla chips.

32. At the mall food court. 

Bring some disguises so you can get the free samples a few times.

33. During a game of 'Simon Says.'

Simon says eat a fry, And another one. And another one. And another one.

34. At a potluck.

You might as well write down that you will be making your own french fries.

35. Flying in an airplane.

Fries are way better than little packets of salted peanuts.

36. At your own wedding.

"I now pronounce thee husband and wife. You may eat the fries!"

37. Eating contests.

So, how many French fries can you eat in four minutes?

38. At Tuesday's trivia night.

Brain food.

39. Asking someone to hoco / prom / formal / etc.

Three words: French fry bouquet.

40. Vinegar.

Have you ever had fries dipped in vinegar? Try it.

41. When you have the flu.

Pretty easy on the stomach.

42. Literally any classic dipping sauce.

Honey mustard, ketchup, mustard, ranch....

43. Studying.

Going through 5 Powerpoint slides --> 5 fries.

44. Sitting at the back of the lecture hall.

If you walk in late to class, bribe someone with your fries to send you their notes.

45. Fish.

Fish and chips, mate?

46. New York Style Pizza.

Official opinion straight a New Englander's mouth.

47. At midnight snack time.

Tip-toeing into the kitchen like....

48. Chicken tenders.

There is literally not a minute in the day when I am not craving chicken tenders, fries, and honey mustard.

49. Work.

That's what desk drawers are for, right?

50. Karaoke night. 

Fries go great with "Love Shack" by the B-52's.

51. Cheeseburgers.

The most classic combination.

52. Drinking soda.

Something about an ice cold Sprite or root beer makes fries taste that much better.

53. A football game.

Football games can take SO LONG. You are going to need a snack or else you might pass out.

54. Popcorn chicken.

I do not care what you say, this is totally different from chicken tenders.

55. Baseball games.

Goodbye peanuts and cracker jacks, hello French fries.

56. At the fair.

If I have some funnel cake and some fries, I will be a happy gal.

57. Mac and cheese.

Carbs on carbs on carbs on carbs.

58. A day at the zoo.

Zoo food is usually pretty mediocre, but that is OK.

59. Chili.

Chili cheese fries are *WOW.*

60. Sunny side up eggs.

Dip them right into the yolk.

61. Hotdogs.

The perfect Independence Day barbecue is not complete without this classic combination. Add in some sauerkraut and you have really got yourself a party.

62. Grilled cheese sandwiches.

This place by my house has the dankest grilled cheese and fries. So good, so good.

63. At a buffet.


Like I said french fries go with EVERYTHING and if you don't believe me go try some of these out on my list!