We constantly hear about the endless array of benefits and uses that coconut oil carries. To one's surprise it is not all a sham created by manufacturers to sell more coconut oil. It truly lives up to its hype. And coconut oil may not magically grow you a giant beanstalk, but it can do a lot of other magic-like things.

1. It can spice up your morning coffee

Change up your morning coffee with some sweetness and a boost of antioxidants.

2. It can change up your cooking

It's a healthier alternative to more saturated fats!

3. It can take your baked goodies to another level

Did I mention it's a vegan alternative to butter?

4. It can make your smoothies unique

Just put it in all of your food.

5. It can moisturize your beautiful skin

You'll look five years younger.

6. It can moisturize your beautiful hair

As you can probably tell, coconut oil has moisturizing properties.

7. It can grow your beautiful hair

Now you can finally be Rapunzel!

8. It can lengthen your lashes

And give them some definition!

9. It can help grow your nails naturally

Growth is a big theme with this guy.

10. It can help whiten your teeth

Swish some coconut oil in your mouth a couple of times a week for fifteen minutes for whiter teeth over time. It tastes a lot better than those other home remedies like baking soda!