Oreo has announced the news that these two toxic new flavors will be released soon in China and are now available for premium prices on eBay.

While their flavor creators were busy focusing on this nastiness, they glossed over a number of much more delicious flavors that would be a better use of everyone's time and taste buds. Here are 22 flavors we'd much rather have than "hot chicken wing" and "wasabi."

1. Tide Pod

tide pod oreos

Gotta stay relevant for those Gen-Zers out there.

2. Toothpaste

toothpaste oreos

They're eating them for pranks anyway. Might as well capitalize off of that. Plus, then you don't have to brush your teeth afterwards.

3. Cheese Whiz 

cheese whiz oreos

If you could add cheese to something, why wouldn't you?

4. Avocado

avocado toast oreo

Okay, this one may not be totally sarcastic. Gotta get that Vitamin C in somehow.

5. Boba

oreo boba

Just imagine the squish between the crunch. Major yum.

6. Salt and Vinegar

salt and vinegar oreos

Sweet and Savory? Or too far?

7. Cheeseburger

cheeseburger oreos

Gotta get that protein in somehow

8. Sushi

dessert sushi

With real fish though

Oreo crumbles? Tempura? Same thing.

9. Grape

grape oreos

Throwback to the days of children's medicine and every other artificial grape flavored product

10. Mac and Cheese

mac and cheese oreos

Bonus points: dip it in ketchup

11. Spam

Spam Oreos

12. Ramen

ramen oreos

Yum yum

13. Bubble gum

bubblegum oreo

Crunchy on the outside and loses flavor after approximately 0.2 minutes

14. Pizza roll 

Complete with 3rd degree burns all over the inside of your mouth. Bonus if they're mac and cheese and bacon flavored.

15. Lip balm 

oreo lip balm

Like the yummy Smuckers flavors we had when we were little

16. Fried Chicken

fried chicken oreo

Bring it to the family picnic to dip in potato salad.

17. Weed

college oreo

Nasty AF

18. Hot Cheetos

corner bodega oreo

Enough to give you an ulcer

19. Beer

redneck oreo

I can smell this Oreo from all the way over here.

20. Broccoli

Healthy oreos

This way you can tell your mom you've eaten your vegetables.

21. Axe 

Fuckboy Oreo

This Oreo's name is Brad and it's already groped you twice and told you it's not ready for a relationship right now.

22. Banana 

Harambe Oreo

Harambe, rest in peace.