Who remembers being ready to leave your parents house when you became a teenager or just turned 18 with the excuse of 'I am a grown person, I can maintain myself' but in reality, you probably weren't. However, as time passes you slowly start to make your own decisions, buy food for yourself, move to another country to complete your studies or look for a job to move out and your parents are not happy with that.

Sure, they would feel proud that their child is growing into an independent adult, but at the same time, they feel sad. After all, to them, we'll always be their babies. You feel trapped when they start pushing their ideas on you and expect you to follow their words as you did when you lived with them.

What do you do then? Simple, you sit them down and make them realize that all you can do is listen to their advice for your final decision.

I discovered that a couple of months ago since I am going through the process of opening my mother's eyes to the fact that her daughter is an adult that must make her own decisions. It's a little funny hearing her and watching her correcting herself whenever I have an essential choice coming up because she would sometimes start pushing her advice before realizing what she is doing. I appreciate her trying and getting used to my new phase in life.

Do not feel frustrated if you're currently feeling trapped by your parents. Remember they are doing everything for you and what is best for you. If they think that you are making a wrong decision, they will do what they can to make you realize the danger before it's too late.

Feel grateful, and thank them for providing you with advice and listening to your fears. Just remember not to be afraid to reach out to them, to be patient, and to remind them that you need help. They will have no problem listening to you, in fact, they will be happy knowing that you're reaching out to them for help and it shows them that you keep them in mind.