A few weeks ago, the Arkansas Razorback baseball team played for the national championship in the College World Series. They won the first game, but fell short in the second and third games, and were unable to clinch the title. One of the final plays of the second game was a pop up a foul ball that I think everyone watching thought was going to end the game, with Arkansas winning the national title. That didn't happen though, and Oregon State was able to take advantage of that dropped ball, and go on to win that game and the next one. It was a play that I have relived many times since it happened, so I can only imagine how many times the boys involved have relived it. I don't want to focus on that single play though, because doing that would convince you that the Razorbacks were not a good team, but they most definitely were (and are), and they should be proud of this season.

Be proud of the character you had throughout the season.

I can't say I watched every single baseball game, but I can say that the ones I did watch were played with character. Each player on the team always seemed to be giving it his all every single game, whether it was an assumed win or a possible loss. The Razorbacks always seemed to be respectful of the other teams and the umpires at their games, and that is something to be proud of.

Be proud of the incredible statistics from this season. Blaine Knight went undefeated (14-0) this season, for the second most victories in all of NCAA Division I teams. The only person who beat him was one of the pitchers for Oregon State, who won the College World Series. In the SEC, Arkansas had the second highest team batting average, most runs scored throughout the year, the most hits, the second most home runs hit, and the second highest on-base percentage. Heston Kjerstad won the SEC Freshman of the Year, and Casey Martin joined him on the All-Freshman team. Those statistics should make any Hog fan proud.

Lastly, be proud of the memories made and your new place in history.

There were definitely games you won that some people didn't think you would, so you proved them wrong. There are 302 NCAA Division I baseball teams, and you got second out of all of them - that is impressive. And no one can ever take that away from you.

I know it's hard to not replay that pop-up over and over in your heads. But there are so many aspects of this season to be proud of, and one moment shouldn't take those away. So be proud, fellow Arkansas Razorbacks, this was a great season, and I can't wait until the next one.