Sexual wrongdoings have gone on for a very long time. It happens to everyone, regardless of gender, ethnicity, and age. Sadly, people have more or less accepted this as reality, which is part of the problem. People are just shrugging their shoulders and carrying the burden of silence alone.

Rape culture is society allowing these acts to go unanswered for and making it “acceptable” for lack of better terms. Victim blaming happens a lot.

“Oh, she was dressed inappropriately.”

“She decided to get drunk at the party.”

You know how it is right? But “no” means no. There is no circumstances to “no” not meaning no.

According to RAINN, sexual assault is rape also known as penetration of the victim without consent, attempted rape, unwanted touching in a sexual manner, and forcing the victim to do things he or she doesn’t want to do.

Sexual assault can happen at any place, at any time, and to anyone. The perpetrators could be a friend or family member, or a complete stranger.

It’s pathetic to think about the perp. Like how lame are you that you have to forcibly have sex with someone? If you were a person with a personality then you could find someone to date you or have a one-night-stand with, whatever floats you boat in consensual sex.

“Powerful” men think they can do whatever they want because they have money and fame. Because they’re famous and the women that accuse them of sexual assault are “below” them in society. Is it always true? No. That’s why we have investigators, they help separate fact from fiction.

With all the accusations coming up from the past against powerful men is awesome because it’s bringing awareness to the constant problem of sexual predators in society. It’s awe-inspiring to see people standing with each other and other people joining their cause to stop this problem.

Sexual assault is NOT ok. Neither is victim blaming. Crime is not ok. Learn to love the people around you. Open yourself to standing beside the people around you. Stand up for the underdog. I promise you, you will be a hero. Don’t be afraid to stand up and fight for change. Use your powerful brain and try to make a difference in the world, no matter how big or small, it will count for something.