I'm a big proponent of the following maxim: live and let live. I believe that interfering in the personal lives of individuals is the equivalent of unnecessary intrusion, and should not be engaged in. However, even with this in mind, we all chime in and offer our comments on people's lives and bad decisions. I think incorporating any of this into life is a bad decision; astrology, detoxing, homeopathy, and anything of the sort.

None of these things I have mentioned will benefit you, and here's why.

Astrology, for one, should NOT be used to determine the path your daily life will take. The descriptions are vague, imprecise, and could apply to anyone. You cannot tell me that you've heard the descriptions about luck, misfortune, or exciting events just be passed around from person to person, sign to sign. The overall descriptions that define each sign? Come on. Any of these descriptions could fit anyone of any particular sign. It doesn't assist you to predicate your life on something so vague and to base some hopes on it, especially when anyone could be compatible. Also, the stars aren't even in the same orientation they were in when originally charted, and many have died.

Detoxing: Guys, here's a lesson. You have a liver. The liver took on the burden over time of removing dangerous toxins from the body and metabolizing them. It removes the most concerning aspects of your daily habits that manage to enter the body. Now, this can be damaged, certainly. And it is by no means perfect; genetic defects can impact your body's ability to ward off these toxins. However, there is no other method that has been proven to be effective. NONE. You're just giving money to someone who is a snake oil salesman. A charlatan. No one benefits except for the person who managed to deceive people into buying into his nonsense.

And that brings up another thing; alternative medicine. This could entail ANYTHING since it is so broad; forgoing doctors in favor of brews, creams, "herbs," and other remedies prepared in the comfort of one's home. Unfortunately, a lot of these either don't work, or have a placebo effect. They can be attributed to other things besides what you have prepared. A lot of these remedies also need to be bought as well. Buying something with no real effect on well-being? That just does not benefit you. See a doctor if you have concerns. PLEASE. See a doctor. They know more about this, about what may be afflicting you and harming you.

And that is really it. None of this really assists you physiologically or even mentally. Sure, peace of mind is important, but it's more similar to peace-of-mind via delusion, rather than anything else. We all have wacky beliefs, and I understand we all have different worldviews. However, a lot of these things have either no real effect or a negative effect. Seldom do we see any of this affect you positively, and it doesn't benefit a person to continue to do this. Do something else instead.