(Disclaimer: Although I have a B.A. in Psychology, this “personality test” is complete pseudoscience and for entertainment purposes only.)

(Additional Disclaimer: My roommates are wonderful people who wash, dry, and put away their dishes.)

Imagine that you live in an apartment that does not have a dishwashing machine. You have several roommates, and you all have decided to tackle the chore without assigning particular roles. As you go about your life, do you more often wash the dishes, dry them, put them away, or a combination of the three? Which dishwashing role you take on might say some surprising things about your personality.

You only wash the dishes.

You are a very straightforward individual. You take initiative and readily confront problems, getting right to the heart of the matter. However, because of your literal-minded nature, after confronting the most pressing issue you often leave other tasks unfinished.

You only dry the dishes.

You are not a leader, but you do not have to be! You know that there are more important things than always being the first person on the scene. When confronting a problem, you hang back and consider it until you find a specific detail that you know you can handle. Though some might see this detail as something unnecessary to handle, you know that it is yours to do, and so you handle it, leaving other tasks to the people best suited to them.

You only put away the dishes.

Like the dish-dryer, you are not inclined towards leadership. Unlike the dish-dryer, you hate to see a job go unfinished. Or maybe you just really don’t like cluttered kitchen counters.

You wash and dry the dishes, but do not put them away.

You are a driven individual, willing and able to do the bulk of a task. You perceive both the more obvious and less-noticeable details and handle them both. Your flaw, however, is time management – before you reach the final step of one job, another job has already come up to distract you.

You dry and put away the dishes, but do not wash them.

Some people focus on the most literal parts of a task, but you are not like those people. You not only know that there is more to dishwashing than actually washing the dishes, but you also prefer to do those other parts! If you were to go into theatre, you would take a behind-the-scenes role like stage management or set design instead of acting.

You wash and put away the dishes, but do not dry them.

You are a spatial thinker. Is there not enough space in the sink? It’s time to wash the dishes. Is there not enough space on the counter? It’s time to put away the dishes. You also are a firm believer in the power of air-drying.

You wash, dry, and put away the dishes.

What a responsible, hard worker you are! You are all about taking charge, putting in the necessary time, and doing what needs to be done. Everyone appreciates you.

You never wash, dry, or put away the dishes.

You are a very unhelpful roommate.