Preparing Your Heart, Mind, And Body For The Coming School Year

Whether you are freshly beginning your college years or finishing up your final quarter, the beginning of any school year can bring new changes, stress, and lots of adjusting. The best way to prepare for the coming school year is to mentally and physically ready yourself through a focus on your health and well-being; your heart, mind, and body.

Setting your priorities straight is the biggest way to prepare yourself. Filling your schedule with things that you find important is a good place to start. Also, focusing on relationship building and finding a healthy community helps to create a safe space for you to begin the year in. After spending some time away from campus, it may be exciting to see old friends and make some new ones. Getting to know your neighbors or the people on your floor might reveal a new friend. Take advantage of the few days before class begins and explore the campus or downtown. If you are religious, spend time focusing on your spirituality before diving into classes and studying. Find new study spots, get involved in campus activities, and take time to do the things and see the people you love.

When it comes to our minds, we should be taking extra care before stressful situations. It is amazing what a little preparation and rest can do. Making a schedule, getting a planner, and reviewing where and when your classes are will make you prepared for the first week of class. After a summer break without much of a scholarly routine, it is important to get back into the system of going to class, studying, and engaging in clubs/other activities. Know what classes you are taking, who your professors are, and what the course entails. Also, remember to pick up your textbooks and school supplies. Take some time to also not do anything school-related, like reading a book you enjoy, being creative, or going out with friends.

To truly feel prepared, rest must be integrated in the time leading up to classes. Getting sleep, exercise, and rest will prepare you for the weeks ahead. Adjusting to a new schedule can create lots of stress and uncertainty, and sometimes it takes a little while to feel comfortable. Routines and schedules may also look different for everyone. Maybe you want to create a meal plan or fitness goal for yourself, or spend at least one night a week out with your friends. Listening to your body and letting yourself take a break every once in a while will lead you to feel better prepared and ready to take on the school year.

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