10 Things All College Students Do Before School Starts Back
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10 Things All College Students Do Before School Starts Back

Is that really how much my books cost?

10 Things All College Students Do Before School Starts Back

That time of year is approaching...back to school! Whether you're excited or not there are 10 things that many of us do when preparing for a new school year. From freaking out over the cost of next semester's textbooks or getting excited to buy new dorm decorations, the start of a new school year is inevitable. Most importantly, being prepared for a new academic year sets the stage for success in our future.

1. Going over your schedule for the semester.

Something I don't look forward to, but know is necessary is looking over my next semester's schedule. Whether it's that dreaded 8 a.m. or that one class for gen ed, this is the time to either change your classes or be motivated to take them and get them over with.

2. Finding out what books you need.

Eventually, we all come to that point when we need to figure out what books we need for our classes. No matter your major, we all have to take so many gen ed classes so the amount of books is really...never-ending.

3. Freaking out over the cost of textbooks.

The next unpleasant part in this process is figuring out how much next semester's textbooks will actually cost. This is always the worst part. So I suggest saving over the summer for your books, getting a job, or reach out to your parents for help.

4. Getting excited over new dorm decorations.

One of the more exciting parts of getting ready for back to school is picking out new dorm decorations. From posters, lights, pictures, whatever it may be... do you and have fun with it. You want to make your new living space comfortable.

5.Picking out clothes to take to your dorm.

One of the most difficult parts when it comes to packing things for your dorm is figuring out what clothes you want to take. Of course, this involves trying out an "x" amount of outfits to choose what goes and what stays. In addition, it's important to remember how small the closets in dorms really are.

6. Buying clothes for the new school year.

Next, it's pretty common to ignore the substantial amount of clothes in your closet and go shopping for more anyway. Out with the old and in with the new, right?

7. Already making plans with friends.

While a summer break is much needed after the school year, it's also been a long time since you've seen your friends since being on campus.You and your friends start to make plans again to help the school year be a little more fun.

8.Getting school supplies.

School supplies are another must when starting a new school year. Whether you're an organizing fanatic or not, it's always essential to get what you need for classes.

9. Taking advantage of the tax-free weekend.

Unfortunately not every state has it, but if your state is one of them then don't forget to take advantage of tax-free weekend. It may not save you a lot of money, but every cent counts right? Plus, it's nice for once to know exactly how much something costs without tax added onto it. Click here to see if your state has a tax-free weekend and when it is.

10. Finally, getting excited about the new school year while missing summer at the same time.

Eventually, we all start to become excited for a new year back at school. Seeing old friends again, new opportunities, and getting a step closer towards our degree motivates us for the academic year ahead. At the same time, it's easy to start missing summer before the school year even starts.

Either way, enjoy what summer you have left and good luck to all college students whether incoming freshmen or seniors. Enjoy college, it goes by quick.

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