How To Prepare For The New School Year

As the summer comes to an end and the first day of classes is around the corner, finding ways to make your transition back to school easier are a must! Here are five things you should try doing before school starts.

1. Read a book

One thing that we tend to do a lot during the school year is read for all of our classes. It seems like we just don't have time to read a book that we want. The summer is a perfect time to snatch up a book that piques your interest. The finalize my summer I decided to reread an old favorite book of mine by bell hooks, "All About Love: New Visions."

2. Come up with affirmations

Affirmations are statements that you recite to yourself. Affirmations can change over time, but it's great to say things in order to attract them to you. Speaking your desire and wishes into existence could be a more effective way to motivate you in your daily life. So take some time before class starts to come up with affirmations (school related or just life related in general.)

3. Get back into the school routine

I have come to realize that I am terrible at adjusting to a school routine because it can be so dreadful. You can start to adjust to a concrete schedule, whether that's adjusting your sleeping scheduling (that will, of course, be altered by the rigors of school) or coming up with a schedule to balance out your academic and social life.

4. Save a couple of bucks

I have had to cancel so many outings just to save some money for school. It is important to go back to school with money in your bank account in order to purchase things for your dorm or even for an emergency. Yeah, it's nice to go to eat or to concerts, but do you really need to be penniless when you go back to school? Alternatives for expensive outings could be a visit to the museum or just exploring the city to reduce unnecessary spendings until school starts.

5. Set goals for yourself

This last tip ties in with tip number two, but it is crucial to set goals as sort of a skeleton to the body that is the success and achievements you are trying to reach. So before school starts, set up goals and make sure you have them posted near you so that you can remind yourself why you are in school and why you are staying motivated regardless of the obstacles you may face.

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