It's easy to feel hopeless when it comes to relationships. You invest so much time into someone that if it ends, it's hard to get over. When that happens so often it's easy to be left scared when meeting someone new. But can it be overcome? This is a poem I wrote on that matter

Scared of Feeling Broken

I love you...

Yet I don't want to...

I don't want to love the way you get so angry

when that one strand of hair doesn't fall like the rest

I don't want to love the way you make me your shelter

when you bury your head into my chest

I don't want to love how you shine brighter than fireworks in July

Or the melodious symphonies you fabricate in the evenings that I lie

I don't know why it is easier to say goodnight

When so much of me you've awoken

And I safeguard it wholeheartedly

Because it's easier than being spoken

I'm scared of falling in love with you

Because that would leave me open

See I don't know if you will be there to catch me

For the reason

Everything that ever falls

Gets broken

But I guess I need to have a leap of faith

If I don't move forward

What progress can I make can't expect success if I never take

I can't expect to feel love

If I never put my hand in the depths

I can't expect to love you truly

If I never take the step

There's going to be times when I'm scared

There's going to be times I feel broken

But nothing will ever amount

To the feelings you have awoken

And though I'm not prepared for every hardship

I'm prepared to face them with you

Because when I hold your hand

There is nothing "we" Can't do