Love Can Do Crazy Things To You
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Poetry On Odyssey: Do Not Leave Me

Love is beautiful, love is cruel, love will unravel you.

Fading into memories
@Jevasmithart, @pavel_theodorakis

*This article was a collaboration between Mario Castelli and Chandra Raina Torrel (soulbehindthesorrow)

Do not leave me,

He used to say,

But I always eventually fall away,

The wind bellows and blows and scatters into disarray.

I would tell him I needed the Spring,

Otherwise, I'll lose my zing;

You can see it all, much like leaves as they fall,

Merely trying to stay aloft, both heart and soul feathery.

Across the city streets even when lights are red;

Dancing about restlessly like the anxious thoughts in my head,

Emotions free float with our essence so bold,

Will we ever realize if this all gets too old?

Thoughts and rethought of desperate yearning,

All for him to hold me tightly;

Reminiscing about the reasons, cautiously, lightly,

That he still cared for me dearly.

No matter how much I try to move on,

Still, I think these two people are better off loving;

For two souls that fight signify two hearts that should ignite;

Alas, these recent nights tantalize me of what I've forgone.

I don't want to fight;

Fighting is for wars, movies, and other misguided things;

Were we mistaken in letting us live five years deep?

The ghostly thump, thumping of your heart still cuddles me to sleep.

I want to go back to laying under clear skies,

Where nothing but our pulses sing sweet lullabies,

Solving our deep mysteries free from disguise;

Secrets of our hearts and sincere desires.

Do not leave me,

She once confessed,

Though I was naive and became her second best,

The tide surged forward, rolling with glee.

Encasing all I used to believe.

I solemnly thought we sought a kingdom;

Though, made of sand they were,

Washed away with the touch of your hand known to deceive.

Dearest beloved, with the corrupted of hearts I regret to inform you that fate has driven us apart,

Once upon a dream, we rivaled both Adam and his beloved Eve,

Except now it seems sin will never depart,

All that's left is the thought of my head on your breast.

I stood there, waiting on the shore of forever;

Receiving your love of another,

I reminisced when you seemed made for me, and everything spun,

You gave me springtime love and summer sun.

If only I had remembered, when the leaves fell that Fall,

I watched you dance but couldn't listen to you at all.

Seeing the cheeriness leave and your soul splinter.

Wishing I'd heard; your heart and knowing what I was missing come this winter.

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