If there's one thing I learned, it's that not everybody who says they are in your corner actually cares enough to see you thrive. Sometimes they just want another supporting character to their own story as you're pushed out entirely. It can be a crappy feeling, but realizing your worth and getting past it as well? there is nothing better, and this is a small poem I wrote on that.

Fake I Miss You's

Stop saying you miss me

You don't

You miss me being at your beck and call for every heartbreak

You miss giving me hope and seeing me believe when you had nothing else to believe in

You miss receiving so much attention and care without having to reciprocate

You miss having an errand boy who would do anything just to feel he had a shot

You miss having a backup when all of your other plans faded to dust

You miss always being number one in someone's life until you got the one you truly wanted

You see…

You don't really miss me

You miss everything I did for you

But now you missed me entirely

Because I'm gone and no longer chasing you