Plogging Is Good For Your Body And The Environment
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Plogging Is Good For Your Body And The Environment

The Swedish fitness trend that is sweeping the globe.

Plogging Is Good For Your Body And The Environment
Helena Olmås / Instagram

Plogging is a new fitness trend sweeping the world that is basically exercising and picking up trash. Originating in Sweden the name came from the Sweedish works "plocka upp" which is a combination of the words to jog and pick up. The trend began in Sweden in 2016 and spread globally in 2018 with increased concern about plastic pollution.

In my opinion, spring and summer is definitely a great time to pick up plogging with the weather warming up. Plogging is so simple because all you need is any bag(trash, shopping, or reusable), some gloves(plastic or gardening work best), some sneakers, and comfy clothes. Some ploggers even opt to use their clothing to carry litter!

A great aspect of plogging is you can better the environment anywhere that you choose from your own neighborhood to beaches, and state parks.

For ideas on places to go plogging locally, check out 25 Rhode Island State Parks, Beaches, and Campgrounds You Need To Explore This Summer.

Plogging can be as intense of exercise as you want; you can walk, jog or run between picking up litter depending on your personal preference. For a better workout, you can perform different types of squat or lunges to engage your leg muscles while picking up litter. Another idea to increase the intensity of plogging is to add in arm movements while plogging which will increase your heart rate and help you burn more calories.

I personally find jogging boring and will think about how much I can't wait to be done, so plogging intrigued me because it also gives you a distraction from the fatigue of jogging and also may give you a sense of purpose since you efforts impact the environment. Plogging does require a person to bend down a lot and arm strength to hold all the garbage. A half hour of plogging (jogging and picking up trash) will burn approximately 288 calories on average in comparison regular jogging burns about 235 calories. This is a 50 calorie difference per half an hour which can definitely add up and help you reach or maintain your fitness goals.

Plogging can always be done alone but is definitely more fun with a friend or group! Various clubs have been created to go plogging different places which can help you meet new people with similar interests and increase accountability for exercise!

All in all this probably my favorite fitness trend I’ve ever seen. The combination out being outdoors, exercise and saving the environment make for an amazing hobby. The University of Rhode Island had a plogging week sponsored by the gym where they offered free bags and gloves as well as prizes to those posting picture on Instagram.

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