Pinterest VS Instagram — Which One is Better?
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Pinterest VS Instagram — Which One is Better?

Pinterest VS Instagram

Pinterest VS Instagram — Which One is Better?

Pinterest and Instagram are both image sharing social media platforms. So, if you’re thinking which one is best, then you’re not alone, because many users and marketers want to know.
Well, let’s discuss what similarities and differences both giants hold, so you can decide which one is best for your needs.

Pinterest vs Instagram


Instagram users are more likely to engage with photos and videos, on the other hand, Pinterest users are more likely to engage with pins, while. However, the Pinterest platform doesn't allow you to download the pin videos so you need to use an external source like Pinterest video downloader (Download Mp4 videos, Pins, Stories, Images and GIFs). So, engaging with content on Pinterest requires more effort than engaging with content on Instagram.

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In the discussion of Instagram vs Pinterest, reach is a major counterpart. Pinterest has global reach, but Instagram is more popular in certain countries. Therefore, if you want to target a particular country then Pinterest is a good choice. However, if you want to target a specific region or country, then you should opt instagram for that.


Instagram is mainly used for photos and video sharing, whereas Pinterest is a visual bookmarking platform. Before deciding to use any of these platforms, it’s crucial to consider the format of your content.

Instagram is your go-to if you want to share only pictures. However, if you want to share visuals, links, and text, then Pinterest is the perfect choice.

User Base

Instagram is used by both men and women, however, Pinterest is mostly used by women. According to recent stats, around 76.7% of Pinterest users are female. On the other hand, male users of Instagram around 51.6% as compared to females which are 48.4%.
Therefore, if your target audience is females, then Pinterest is the best bet. However, if you want to target both genders, then Instagram is your go-to platform.

Subject Matter

Popularity of social media is considerably increasing due to new emerging trends. Another considerable factor between instagram vs Pinterest is that Instagram has become popular to showcase photos and videos on all niches, whereas Pinterest is famous for mostly DIY and Recipes.

Therefore, if you’re considering building the online presence of your business, then it’s highly important to know which platform and content your target audience utilizes.


Instagram is more like a social network, whereas Pinterest functions as a search engine. Social media is used to connect with friends and people around the world and Search engines are mainly used to find information on the internet.


Instagram and Pinterest both offer paid advertisements. However, Instagram users have an edge here because of the Hashtag culture of instagram. You can use related hashtags from your niche to target a particular audience. Whereas, Pinterest has no hashtag targeting culture.

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