I Couch Hopped Long Term And Learned 10 Important Things

I Couch Hopped Long Term And Learned 10 Important Things

I don't suggest it for long term living, but a couch can be a humble home.

Devon Bennett

I spent most of my high school career hopping from friends house to friends house. You may think, "yeah, so did every teen," but my parents essentially revoked their guardianship.

I didn't hop around for a weekend, but rather for a few months to a year. I became an expert on shrinking my amount of possessions and conforming to new household rules at a young age.

Resilient is my middle name.

As an adult, I have found myself in similar situations more than once. Sometimes I choose the couch and sometimes the couch is thrust upon me. If you're like me, the reason that you're currently residing on a couch is that you had to pick yourself up from a bad relationship that moved too quickly.

My current home is my good friend's leather loveseat and I anxiously await the hot Summer nights that shall stick my sweaty skin to the sofa.

My couch hopping experiences have come with a few cons (having your sleep disturbed, lack of privacy, etc) but I've come to learn that there are multiple pros:

1. You never need to invite friends over because they are right there in your room (the living room)

You may see this as a con, but I am a textbook ambivert— I enjoy being around people but it can be draining. Forbes describes a trait of an ambivert as "If I spend too much time alone, I get bored, yet too much time around other people leaves me feeling drained." Having your bedroom in the living room puts me in the perfect position. My roommates have to come to me, meaning I don't have to exert energy to socialize. They also have their own bedroom to hide away in if any of us get drained from our interactions.

2. Whenever someone cleans the living room they are also tidying up your room

It's a win-win situation.

3. If I clean up my room, I look like the model roommate who picks up the common areas

This makes for happy roommates.

4. Everyone is normally forced to watch whatever you are watching

After all, the TV is in your room.

5. You find a good amount of new shows and movies because you are also forced to watch what your roomie's watch

I had only seen some of The Office and Adventure Time before I moved in. I am forever grateful.

6. Rent is the cheapest it's ever been

I rushed out of that shared apartment with my ex. My friends were so understanding of my messy situation and they fairly charge me for my new, small space.

7. The commute to the kitchen

It takes only a few steps or a quick crawl to reach the fridge. I approve.

8. If someone's cookin', I can normally get them to share

I mean, I'm right here.

9. Your roommates may have some cool hobbies they do in the common area

For my roommates, that's music and art. My eyes and ears are always being blessed.

10. It's nearly impossible to have tense roommate situations

You would think that because we are around each other so often that we'd be at each other's throats. The contrary is true. I think we all understand each other's patterns well, thanks to these close quarters. It adds a whole new level of empathy to the mix.

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