9 Reasons Periods Are THE Worst, Period

9 Reasons Periods Are THE Worst, Period

That time of the month when everything hurts.


Periods. Mother nature's monthly "gift." Menstruation. Aunt Flow. That time of the month.

Whatever you want to call them, every month, women (or people with a uterus) spend several days bleeding, in pain, irritated, and very hungry.

I took to my Instagram followers to ask them a few questions about periods and have some conclusions to make.

1. Cramps


Cramps are no fun.

And they're not always the "Ph, this is kind of uncomfortable" type of cramps. No, they are often the "okay, I need to sit down for several moments while I feel like someone is repeatedly stabbing me" type of cramps.

One of my followers describes her cramps as crippling, and another confessed that every few periods, she passes out from the pain. Someone else said they can't sleep their cramps are so bad!


2. Headaches


Everyone understands the frustration of headaches. Nobody likes headaches.

Except for periods. Periods just love headaches.

Sometimes period headaches can stop us from doing our normal activities and obligations, like, I don't know, homework?!

C'mon mother nature, get it together!

3. Bloating


While the only thing someone wants to wear on their period may be sweatpants, sweatpants are unfortunately not part of my job's dress code...

So bloating so much that you feel like a busted can of biscuits in your favorite skinny jeans is not a fun aspect of periods.

Are we supposed to have a set of pairs of pants for work that we only wear on our period?

4. Back pain


Because you're bloated and your insides are a bit messed up with the whole uterine-lining-shedding debacle, there's extra pressure on your back, making that yet another place you're in pain.

Where are you supposed to put the hot pads?!? On your cramps or your achy breaky back?!

5. Cravings and hunger


Some periods have us eating like bottomless pits. Seriously, get me all the chocolate and french fries, ASAP.

6. Nausea


On the other hand, some periods we just want to puke the whole time.

Gotta love that.

7. Poop and gas


Period poops...

If you've never experienced them, feel blessed.

Hormones affect your gut and everything in that region, so periods also bring the lovely gift of poops, and along with it, gas.

8. Bleeding


Yes, you did make it all the way to number eight before I even mentioned the fact that you're bleeding the whole time you're experiencing all these other fun things.

You're bleeding the whole time!

And standing up, doing exercise, laughing, farting... pretty much anything, actually, can cause a nice little tsunami that you weren't anticipating.

9. Bye bye money


Hear me out, now.

You're buying not only feminine products, i.e. pads and tampons or a menstrual cup, but you also have to buy the extra food you're eating, the painkillers to lessen your pain, and heating pads, but you're also ruining clothes, sheets, and underwear.

I had people estimate how many pairs of underwear they've had to throw out since starting their period, and many people estimated over 100 pairs! My own number is around 120 pairs.

And, I know I also ruined several pairs of ballet tights, a few bed sheets, a pair of shorts or two, and probably other things over the years. Keep in mind, I've only been having periods for 10 years (and some of the other people who gave me their numbers have been having theirs for half as long or less).

This means from the time I start my period until I start menopause (realistically I have another 25-35 years), I'll ruin another 300+ pairs of underwear.

We're spending upwards of $20 on our periods every single month, and we have no choice but to have periods if we are not pregnant or skipping periods with birth control (both alternative routes cost money on their own) and have hit puberty.

It's expensive.

Periods, suck, man!

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7 Ways To Enhance Your Sensuality

Find your inner sexy.

Many of you know that our bodies are sensitive to touch and I mean really sensitive. I have come to this realization over the past couple months that the more I paid attention to my body, the more sensitive it actually is. Speaking from my own experience, I noticed certain things heighten my sensuality like a satin robe after a hot shower, reggae or sensual music that makes me want to move my body, drinking a glass of red wine or even writing erotic poetry. I have found 7 ways to enhance your sensuality which should give you chance to become more comfortable with your body as well as more aware.

1. Wear comfortable clothing.

When it comes connecting with your body, you have to be as comfortable as possible. In order to be comfortable and aware of your body, you have to wear the right clothes. Now, I know everyone has their preferences with what makes them feel comfortable whether it's loose clothing or tight clothing and it can even depend on the color and material of the clothing. It is completely up to you but as I stated before, I enjoy wearing satin material like a satin robe or a lace off the shoulder top because I enjoy the way it feels against my skin.

When you get some down time, light a few candles and lay against satin sheets or put on a satin robe to see how the material feels soft against your body. Think about rubbing your shoulders against the satin or even softly grazing your fingers over it. Do you feel your senses heighten?

2. Listen to sensual music.

I don't know about you, but music makes my body move! It's so enticing when you feel the vibration of the beats throughout your body. Imagine being on a dance floor of your favorite bar and your favorite song comes on. What's the first thing you do? Oh, I know the answer, you dance like there's no tomorrow. All of those bodily movements are a sense of passion that you need to express. Sensuality and music go hand and hand with one another and when you feel the rhythm of the beat, just get up and dance.

My favorite music genres are reggae, hip hop, R&B and so much more. Listening to music makes my body feel good and when your body feels good, you feel good, correct? Music helps you feel not only connected with your body but with the people and energy around you. Listen to your favorite song and feel the music in your body to the point you really feel your energy shift.

3. Being touched in ways that make you feel wanted.

Another way to enhance your sensuality is caressing your body, such as putting on body oil or lotion to smoothen out your skin. The way you caress your body displays how deeply connected you are with yourself. Body oil makes your skin feel soft as you lather your body up with it. The way you moisturize your thighs and smooth out your arms increases your senses not only to touch but also to smell.

The smell of your significant other or lover can enhance your senses especially when they know your body. For instance, the thought of your lover or significant other caressing you in your favorite body oil while wearing satin robe would do wonders to your sexiness.

4. Write erotic poetry.

As an aspiring writer, I write erotic poetry from time to time. It is a part of me that expresses my boldness and creativity and I love every moment of it. I express how I want my body to be caressed and loved on. The way writing erotic poetry has enhanced my sensuality as a woman, it makes me feel like I can do anything. The chills that travel up and down my spine when I think of how I want and deserve to be caressed is powerful. Isn't there power in a woman and man's sexual confidence?

It just takes a pen, a few pieces of paper and your thoughts to create magic. It can be poems as simple as "The peach fuzz on my flower stands erect when your hand hovers to pluck my petals #waiting."

5. Have a glass of wine.

A glass of wine won't hurt you right? A glass or two of your favorite wine will send your feeling of sexiness through the roof. There is no greater feeling like feeling your body temperature rise as you indulge in your favorite wine. A wine of choice I'd prefer to drink that enhances my sensuality is a California red wine called Menage a Trois. My first time drinking this wine, I felt some of my inner woman come out.

If you're into red, dry wine that has a semi-spicy taste to it, this wine is for you! Drink this wine after a long day of work where you need to relax your body or even drink it on romantic dinner date where meat and fruit are being served, it pairs perfectly together.

6. Create your mood.

There's something about candles that eases my body and the atmosphere around me. The smell of the candle lingering in the air as the heat adds a calming effect to the room. How do you create your mood to find your inner sexy? Do you find a pair of your favorite heels and strut across your bedroom floor? Do you find yourself gazing at yourself as you dance sensually in your bedroom mirror?

If you have answered "Yes" to all of these questions, then you're enhancing your sensuality by doing things that make you feel sexy and confident.

7. Listen to your body.

What does your body tell you? What does it want? What does your body need? Listening to your body is a challenge since everyone isn't in tune with their bodies as they desire to be but that is okay. This is why I wrote this article to help people that aren't connected with their body on a sensual level, to dig deep inside themselves and find their own inner sexy. It is important to know what makes you feel good.

I wrote a poem about a night my body felt like it was on fire after dancing with a guy I found attractive and when I tell you I didn't know what to do with myself, I didn't. My body was sweaty and the fluorescent lighting was shining against my skin and his. While the reggae music was flowing through me and as he was flowing with me, my body just felt like it was on fire. Now, after a few drinks you're feeling confident and you're favorite song comes on, you don't think your inner sexy will eventually come out? Mine did and I want yours to, as well, so if you want to find ways to find your inner sexy, check out this article and see what happens next!

Cover Image Credit: Erica McKinnon

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Periods Can Be Complicated, But How You Take Care Of Yourself Shouldn’t Be

Your period care should be easy, period.


Moon day.

That time of the month.


Your Period.

Ladies. We can all agree that our periods, depending on how your body works, can be super complicated. You have an entire list of things that can go wrong while you are menstruating and it's about a mile long. To list a few things that plague that majority of us women are well, the obvious bleeding, the cramps from hell, breakouts, mood swings, bloating, ruined underwear.

If any of those things haunt you for about a week or more every month, then I am not here to tell you that there is some magic pill to stop it all (Because we all know Birth control only does so much when it comes to weight gain, hormones, etc). No, I am here to let you know that just because you are on your period and it's complicated as hell, the way you take care of your body doesn't have to be.

Also to be clear I'm not trying to sell you on this whole crunchy approach either, where you ditch your sanitary products and paint with your period blood, that's more BuzzFeed's thing. I just want to let you know that if you don't like aspirin/Tylenol for your cramps you've got other options!

Now that we've got that out of the way, let's tackle the main portion of what we as women mostly face during this time of the month, the bleeding! Now, just in case we have anyone where who doesn't know too much about what's actually going on down there, the run down in simple terms is your vagina likes to practice having babies.

Though, obviously, if you haven't had sex, more specifically unprotected sex (or any other way of artificial insemination) your egg, that dropped from your ovaries doesn't stick to the uterine wall, and then once the cycle has ended and there is no baby, the walls that formed begin to break down. Thus you bleed. Obviously, it's a bit more complicated than just that, but you get the gist.

So, no doubt in my mind when you were introduced to sexual education in school, to help manage your bleeding, you were introduced to a Pad or Tampon. Probably something from the Always brand, well, I'm not "coming at you" if you love these kinds of products, I mean they are what I used when I first got my period. What bothered me growing up thinking that these were my only choices. Over the last few years, more specifically after I suffered from TSS symptoms after using a tampon, I've taken a deeper dive into products that steer clear from the traditional route.

AKA there are cleaner alternatives to overly pushed branded sanitary products we all know today that leave out harmful toxins and ingredients, just to make your period "smell/feel" better. Plus, a lot of these options are cheaper than the regular name brand. These brands create sanitary products that use no more than five natural ingredients.

The Honest Co.

L. (Chlorine Free)


If using pads and tampons isn't the route for you, there are also other products that are toxic ingredients free and eco-friendly, like the menstrual cups.

If you suffer from cramps during your period, you know how impossible it seems to go about your day. The media, your family and friends and even your doctors will tell you that the best solution for your cramps would be to take some kind of medication. While, there is nothing wrong with opting in for your Advil, or Tylenol, it's best to know that before you treat your symptoms with hard medicine, that there are other ways around it that don't have serious side effects.

The first tip is to regulate your diet with foods that help alleviate cramping. Introduce, bananas, and lemons into your system before your cycle begins. Banana is loaded with magnesium, which is great for muscle relaxation, while lemons introduce vitamin C, a key vitamin that helps your body absorb the iron from your foods. Iron is important for your body during this time, due to the fact that your body is losing quite a bit of blood.

If you haven't heard of heat compression, then you need to get on this next tip now. Heat compression has been used to help sooth cramping for years. Studies have found that using a heating pad, patch or some kind of container with fluid at 104°F (40°C) was as effective as taking ibuprofen. If you don't have a hot water bottle or heating pad, take a warm bath or use a hot towel on the areas where you are noticing the pain. You can find these products on Amazon or at your local Target, CVS or grocery store.

Mood swings can be extremely overpowering when it comes to our periods. It's something that either you go through, or you don't. If you have ticked off yes, then here are a few things you can to help regulate your body's hormones to get your mood in check.

Start with multivitamins like magnesium vitamin B, and calcium D. Magnesium as mentioned before not only helps alleviate cramps, but it supports your hormones, which hello, in case you haven't been following along controls PMS. Vitamin B and (c) D help reduce your estrogen levels back down to a more "normal" state. This just means, the excess estrogen your body produces during this time of the month, makes you go through PMS, along with other symptoms like cramping and migraines. These Vitamins can be found Amazon or by going to your local apothecary. Places like Target and your local grocery store also carry these vitamins close to their pharmacy aisles.

Though alternative care and knowledge for your periods is a viable option, the best care and instructions for more severe symptoms should come from your OB/GYN or your regular physician.

With the knowledge you now have over alternative care for your period, I can only hope you take the power back from not only your period but from the "norms" of what your period care should be. Take a stand for a cleaner more natural period care and start paying attention to what you are doing to your body.

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