Why Do People Support Donald Trump?

Why Do People Support Donald Trump?

I asked many Trump supporters why they believed a billionaire real-estate developer would treat them better than career politicians. Listed below are the responses of people I surveyed.

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I asked several Donald Trump supporters one question.. Why do you think a billionaire real estate developer will treat you better than career politicians?

I received several very different answers and after reading the responses I understand his popularity better than before. There are people who earnestly believe there couldn't be a better person to lead America and then there are those who plan on voting for Trump simply because they refuse to vote for Clinton. Below are the responses of many different people of different ages with different backgrounds and world views.

1. Alpha Male

Trump reminds people of something American citizens haven’t seen in a very long time…a strong alpha male in politics.

2. Powerful Message

His message of “Make America Great Again” is something we all want to believe. Most Americans are tired of watching our country go "down the drain." We're looking for someone who has confidence that he/she can truly make our country great again.

3. Realist

Trump has been unabashedly honest throughout his campaign. He seems to recognize problems and prepare reasonable solutions. He is a natural realist.

4. No Political Background

One thing many people have stated is that our government needs change. Trump has no political background; therefore he doesn’t owe favors to lobbyists or other special interest groups. He is more likely to support the common (working) man. He also may have a “shred of conscience” left due to his lack of political experience. He will disrupt the common stereotype of American presidents and won’t represent the same, bland characters we’ve had in office for the last few presidential terms.

5. Self-Made

He worked hard to achieve all that he has achieved over the years. His name screams perseverance; his enterprise didn’t boom overnight. Many years ago he had a business that had to file bankrupt more than once before it could succeed. Through trial and error Trump made the business successful; he managed to pay all the employees the wages they had earned and paid all the debts of the company.

6. Priorities

Many who will be voting in the upcoming election have stated that they will be voting for Trump simply because his priorities seem to be in line. He has made it clear that America will be his first priority above other countries. This doesn’t mean he isn’t willing to help others, just that our people should be taken care of first.

7. Ladies' Man

Many women and female rights activists support Trump because he employs more women than most enterprises of the like. He also allows them to move up and earn leadership positions no different than those of men.

8. Lack of Political Correctness

Many people support Trump because he isn’t mealy mouthed. His lack of political correctness acts as a magnet that draws people in.

9. Doesn't Need The Job

Trump is the only candidate who doesn’t need the job. He has made a highly successful career outside of politics. He makes more than $250 million dollars a year; therefore he cannot be bought. As a candidate for president of the United States, his concerns don't lie solely with money and finances. They are more focused on the prosperity of our country and political issues that matter.

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