Dear my beautiful past Editor In Chief f,

What in the world were we thinking when we became friends? Ever since that moment in the computer lab, my life as been changed. Because of you, I am now the Odyssey Editor In Chief for my community, about to start my junior year, and have gained one of my best friends.

We didn't become friends like normal people, oh no that would be too easy! We sat in an empty computer lab. LITERALLY THE ONLY TWO PEOPLE IN THE ROOM. And yet, we were emailing each other trying to find one another. Finally, I stood up and asked you if you knew Kasey Shell and then it clicked. Still, to this day, it is one of my favorite stories of us because it sums up our relationship in a nutshell.

Now, over a year ago, we have become closer than I ever anticipated. You changed my life in ways I only imagined. We have been on several adventures, helped each other through hard times, and became champs at procrastination. But one of the best things you could have ever done for me was send me the email for Odyssey. From that day till this current hour, Odyssey has changed my life and created in me a fire that I thought had once burned out. My passion for writing and being creative has started again and I thank you for that. I thank you for a chance to allow people to see the work I am doing, I thank you for the skills to be a leader. Because I had a leader like you, I felt I could follow the legacy you left. And I thank you for starting the Odyssey and giving me a chance to stretch myself to a point where I could lead others and leave a legacy for those to follow when I leave.

I guess this letter is my way of saying thank you, but also giving you the recognition you deserve. You may not be the editor anymore, but you will always be an inspiration.


The new Editor In Chief