An Open Letter to the Person Suffering from Anxiety
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An Open Letter to the Person Suffering from Anxiety

You're much stronger than you even realize.

An Open Letter to the Person Suffering from Anxiety

A wave of pure sadness washes over after my latest anxiety attack. I sit in silence and ask myself how it could have gotten this bad. Wondering when my body can catch a break. Reminiscing of a tranquil peaceful state of mind. A time of no chaos or overthinking.

I woke up the next morning more sad than usual. Sometimes my body has a difficult time snapping back to a normal routine after a panic attack. If you suffer from severe anxiety these emotions are all too familiar. As someone who suffers from severe anxiety here's what I want you to know.

You aren't alone

So many days I feel alone in this battle. Sometimes I can't always make sense of my anxiety. There are times my anxiety is through the roof and I couldn't explain to someone why. When people ask why we are nervous and we simply don't have an explanation, it causes a feeling of disconnect and isolation. A feeling of no one understanding what is truly going on. If you have anxiety, you aren't alone. At one point, every single person on this earth has felt what we felt to some extent. A lot of people experience minor bursts of anxiety when it comes to something outside of their comfort zone. Public speaking, going on an interview, going in for surgery, the list goes on. They do feel anxiety but not at a consistently high level.

You don't need validation

After years of suffering, I'm learning that I don't need validation. I don't need to validate to someone why I'm feeling a certain way. You don't owe anyone an explanation. It could have been something so small and so irrelevant that brought on my anxiety. Whatever caused it, doesn't matter. What matters is how are coping with it. Finding people who will listen to you and be understanding and patient. Learning to listen to your bodies needs. Maybe it means a change in lifestyle. A less stressful work environment, removing negative people, finding a new hobby. Being conscious of our body's signals.

You are doing great

If you are reading this, you survived everything life has thrown at you so far. And that's an accomplishment within itself. My dad once said, "For every up, there is a down." Some days are good and others are down right awful. I know you are tired and frustrated with yourself sometimes, but you have to keep going. Living with anxiety, means that some days you are just surviving. It means getting out of bed and getting through the day. The point is that you got through it. You're much stronger than you even realize.

And if you aren't someone suffering from anxiety but loving someone with it, please listen to them. Listen wholeheartedly to every word and be patient with them. They are doing the best they can. Take care of yourself, it's something we don't do enough of. Living with anxiety can be draining and overwhelming. Just take a few minutes each day to close your eyes and listen to your body. Don't ever forget to love yourself.

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